Life Design at UCalgary

Life Design at UCalgary is at once a space, a student program, and an idea. Whether in workshops or at the Life Design Hub, students learn to evaluate life's challenges with the creative problem solving of a designer.

Life Design events

Workshop in Life Design Hub

Use the space for an event

The Life Design Hub is a space is where fellow designers and can gather, connect and exchange ideas. Book the space for workshops, club meetings and more by completing the event registration form below.

Students in a workshop

Attend a Life Design workshop

Learn skills that you can use! Attend a workshop to learn how to tackle life’s challenges like a designer would. Build a healthy problem-solving mindset, re-frame limiting beliefs and explore what matters to you.

Student looking confident

Learn more about Life Design

Initially a course at Stanford University, “Designing Your Life” was adapted into a curriculum that universities across the United States began to use with their students. Learn how Life Design is being applied Life Design at the University of Calgary.