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Student workshops

Wellness workshops will be offered using a blend of virtual and in-person delivery. We will continue to follow all public health and University restrictions. 

Learn skills to overcome negative thoughts about yourself and learn to practice self-compassion.

  1. Pushing through perfectionism

    Are you struggling with perfectionism?

    Reduce perfectionism's unhelpful influence by exploring strategies to shift your mindset, level of self-kindness and sense of acceptance in this 50-minute workshop.

  2. Boosting self-compassion

    Are you your own biggest critic? Are you often hard on yourself?

    Explore the benefits of self-compassion and strategies to increase kindness to yourself and others in this 50-minute workshop.

    Monday, January 17 from 5-6pm (Virtual) 

Make a plan to deal with stress and anxiety, and evolve your understanding of the role of stress in your life.

  1. Anxiety Management

    Do you find anxiety overwhelming? Learn how to work with your anxiety, rather than being consumed by it. Go from surviving to thriving in this 50-minute experiential workshop.

    Monday, January 10 from 12-1pm (Virtual) 

    Thursday, January 20 from 12-1pm (Virtual) 



  2. Stress management

    Is your daily stress feeling overwhelming?

    Learn strategies to develop a stress mindset and explore healthy coping skills in this 50-minute workshop.

    Tuesday, January 18 from 12-1pm (Virtual) 

    Thursday, January 27 from 12-1pm (Virtual) 

  3. Transitioning from high school to university

    Want to get off to a good start at university?

    You’ll leave this workshop with time and stress management skills, good study habits and knowing where to get more support when you need it.

Overcome less than helpful behaviours that can interfere with your quality of life.

  1. Motivation and time management

    Is your motivation low? Are you struggling to get started on work?

    Learn practical strategies to increase motivation and reduce procrastination in this 50-minute workshop.

    Wednesday, January 12 from 12-1pm (Virtual) 

    Tuesday, January 25 from 5-6pm (Virtual) 


  2. Sleep strategies

    Not getting enough sleep? Experiencing problems with the quality of your rest?

    Learn about the sleep cycle, gain strategies to improve your sleep quality, and feel more rested with this 50-minute workshop.

  3. Discover your self care

    Feeling drained or like you never focus on yourself?

    Learn how planning can enhance your well-being. You’ll get an individual wellness assessment and your own wellness plan in this 50-minute workshop. 

    Thursday, January 13 from 12-1pm (Virtual) 

    Wednesday, January 26 from 12-1pm (Virtual) 

Master your mood and take charge of your emotional well-being with workshops designed to help you make positive changes to your thinking patterns.

  1. Healthy thinking

    Having trouble with difficult or negative thoughts?

    Learn strategies to manage negative thoughts, emotions and mood in this 50-minute workshop.

    Tuesday, January 11 from 5-6pm (Virtual) 

    Monday, January 24 from 12-1pm (Virtual) 



  2. Managing wellness in a pandemic

    This 50-minute workshop is designed to help cover a number of topic areas for wellness, including isolation, mindfulness, stress, self-care, and overall well being. Learn how to define mental health, create a self-care plan, and how to manage stressful times. 

    Wednesday, January 19 from 12-1pm (Virtual) 

    Monday, January 31 from 5-6pm (Virtual) 

  3. Tapping into your creative self

    Want to increase your self-esteem, reduce stress and enhance wellness while creating art?

    Learn stress management, self-exploration and playfulness through art activities in this student workshop.


  4. All the Feels: Tools for Managing Emotions

    Feeling overwhelmed or like your emotions are running your life? In this workshop, we will learn about emotions, identify how they can be helpful, and learn strategies to manage them in a healthy way. Click the links to register. 

    All workshops have been cancelled due to ongoing public health recommendations. 

  1. Building Connection through Effective Communication

    An introduction to effective communication skills for building healthy relationships.


  2. Attachment and Relationships

    This seminar will help students explore their attachment style and better understand what they need to form healthy relationships. Everyone has attachment needs, but did you know these needs can be different based on the person you’re connecting with? Join us for a reflective conversation about attachment as it relates to sex, intimacy, friendship, and even the relationship we have with ourselves!

    Friday, October 29 from 12:00 - 12:55pm *

    Friday, November 26 from 12:00 - 12:55pm *

    *postponed, please check back for updated dates

  3. Foundation for a Healthy Intimate Relationship

    Based on the research of Dr. John Gottman, discover the necessary elements for building a strong foundation for a healthy intimate relationship.

    Friday, November 5 from 12:00 - 12:55pm *

    *postponed, please check back for updated dates

  4. Navigating Conflict in Relationships

    Conflict is a natural part of relationships. Learn how to navigate conflict effectively to build and maintain healthy relationships.

    Friday, November 19 from 12:00 - 12:55pm *

    *postponed, please check back for updated dates

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Recovery College focuses on helping people recognize and develop their own resourcefulness and awareness in order to support themselves or their loved one’s recovery journey.

Everyone is welcome to attend these free courses and drop-in classes. No previous experience is required and with more than 30 courses to choose from, there is a course for everyone.