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Prospective Students

Our services are available to prospective undergraduate and graduate students.

Available Services

Student Accessibility Services exists to facilitate an accessible learning environment for undergraduate and graduate students with a documented disability and/or medical condition. Formal documentation and possible barriers are reviewed with the student to identify reasonable and appropriate academic accommodations. Accommodations are intended to increase access to curriculum and reduce barriers related to the student's medical condition and/or disability without affecting the integrity of the curriculum. 

Our services are available to students who provide documentation of the following disabilities:

  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorders
  • chronic health issues
  • deafness or hard of hearing impairments
  • head injuries
  • learning disabilities
  • mental health issues
  • mobility impairments
  • physical disabilities
  • visual impairments/blindness
  • temporary impairments due to accident, illness, or injury

Students may access the following services through Student Accessibility Services:

  • Information session to explore service options
  • Information on campus accessibility (physical access)
  • Information on and referrals to on-campus and community resources and supports
  • Academic accommodations
  • Assistive services coordination (note-takers, scribes, learning strategists, sign language interpreters)
  • Adaptive technology support
  • Disability-related funding information

How to Register with Student Accessibility Services

A prospective student is strongly encouraged to begin the SAS registration process several months before the beginning of their class.

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Academic Accommodations

Academic Accommodation provides students with documented disabilities opportunities to access post-secondary education.

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