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University of Calgary students have a variety of options for accessing information technology and assistive and adaptive technology and services on campus.

What are assistive and adaptive technologies?

Assistive technology is any object or product system that increases, maintains, or improves the capabilities of individuals with disabilities.

Adaptive technology is any object or product system specifically designed or adapted for the purpose of increasing, maintaining, or improving the capabilities of individuals with disabilities.

Thus, adaptive technology is a subset of assistive technology.

Students can view these how to videos to learn more about accessing and using assistive software for the Windows, Mac, and iOS platforms.

Alternate Format Textbooks

Students with documented print disabilities are eligible to receive course material in an alternate format.

What are print disabilities?

As defined by the Copyright Act, print disability refers to a disability that prevents or inhibits a person from reading material in its original format, and includes disability resulting from severe or total impairment of sight, the inability to focus or move one's eyes, the inability to hold or manipulate a book, and/or an impairment relating to comprehension.

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What are alternate format materials?

Alternate format refers to the production and/or modification of materials into a format accessible by individuals with print disabilities. Formats include, but are not limited to, enlarged print, electronic format (.pdf, .doc, Kurzweil), Braille, and audio.

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