The University of Calgary offers both competitive and nominated awards to students continuing their studies in programs leading to a Bachelor’s degree including the awards specific to students with permanent disabilities.


Internal Awards

Students continuing their undergraduate studies at the University of Calgary complete the Continuing Undergraduate Awards online application. Instructions on How to Apply are provided by the Student Finance office. The awards competition opens on June 1 and closes on August 1. Recipients are notified by email by the end of November. 

Students with a verifiable permanent disability are considered if they have completed at least 18.00 units in the previous fall and winter terms at UCalgary. Applicants will be considered for all awards in Undergraduate Awards competition, including the following awards specific to students with permanent disabilities:

  • Andras and Margaret Joo Bursary (1 award, valued at up to $2000)
  • Diane D. Pechiulis Award (1 award, valued at $1000)
  • George Reed Foundation Scholarship (1 award, valued at up to $3000)
  • Michelle Curry-Brumlik Memorial Bursary (1 award, valued at up to $600)
  • Ray Alward Memorial Bursary (1 award, valued at $500)

Students may also wish to consult the University of Calgary Calendar for more information on the awards process

External Awards

For information on external awards, students may wish to consult one or more of the following resources: