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This section includes answers to frequently asked questions, information on disabilities, and tips for instructors on supporting students with disabilities.

Online Exam Information Request Form

The SAS Exam Centre is offering to compile a list of the students with time-based exam accommodations to help set up of online tests.

Creating Accessible Course Materials

Instructors are encouraged to design, create, and provide accessible course materials.

Have questions about online courses? Visit our Instructor FAQs for Online Courses

FAQ about Accommodated Exams

Instructors can access the Instructor Portal here.

Information in the Portal is supplied by PeopleSoft, meaning if you are listed as the course coordinator in PeopleSoft, that information will appear in ClockWork. If you find that a lecture section of the course is not listed in ClockWork, please email access.exams@ucalgary.ca.

No, students need to write so that they overlap with the first 30 minutes of the class writing time. Students may start earlier than the class to allow for their additional time and our hours of operation. Students can only write with no overlap with the class if they have instructor permission or if they have specific accommodations regarding when they write exams.

Instructors can call (403-220-3868) or email (access.exams@ucalgary.ca) the Exam Centre with any additional test information. We will pass any corrections to the students writing the exam.

The Exam Centre can administer deferred exams if approved by the instructor. Instructor and student will need to complete the Deferred Exam form and submit the form to the Exam Centre. Deferred exam approvals are at the discretion of the instructor.

The Exam Centre typically focuses on administering exams for SAS students. Requests for non-SAS students to write at the Exam Centre are made on a case by case basis. Requests need to be made by the instructor to the Accessible Testing Manager.

Instructors or their TAs can pick up completed exams from the exam centre the following business day between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. We are located on the 4th floor of the MacEwan Student Centre. An ID will be required at pick up.

If you would like to arrange a same day pick up, please email us at access.exams@ucalgary.ca so we can arrange a pick-up time.

Students are allowed to bring in pens and pencils to the Exam Centre. Any food or drink is inspected by the proctors for any additional papers or writing. All technology and other items are locked outside the centre. Instructors can indicate if other materials (scrap paper, notes, model kits, etc.) are allowed when providing information regarding the test.

The Exam Centre will make arrangements for all registered student who book their exams 7 days in advance. A booking will only be denied if the student misses this deadline. In that case, the student would be expected to write in class without accommodations.

Students are aware that they need to book their exams 7 days in advance. Instructors need to ensure that they provide at least 7 days’ notice of the test. If the student misses the deadline, there is no obligation for instructors to make any special arrangements. The student would write in the class without accommodations.

Instructors have the option to arrange their own accommodated exams. Instructors need to provide all the accommodations listed on a student’s Letter of Accommodation. Please ensure that you can meet the distraction-reduced or private space requirement as well as additional time requirements that may apply.

If the samples are portable, the Exam Centre can facilitate some lab exams. Depending on the requirements, you may consider arranging a separate time for accommodated students to take the exam. Feel free to connect with the Exam Centre about ways to make these adjustments.

Please connect with the Access Advisor listed on the student’s Letter of Accommodation regarding a specific accommodation.

Students are required to log into Clockwork to send their accommodations to their instructors.

Once a week, instructors will be sent an automated email notification to their @ucalgary.ca accounts. These notifications will identify any students who have had accommodation letters issued in the last 7 days. Instructors may also view students and their accommodations at any time by logging into Clockwork and selecting the courses tab, then the accommodation letters option for the course (on the right-hand side).

Here is an interactive walkthrough for clockwork. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 403-220-3868 or access.exams@ucalgary.ca.