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4. Your Turn


Having a mental block trying to complete the 'Think About It' and 'Your Turn' activities? Try to express your thought using any visuals that work for you: words, diagrams, etc. Then use them as a springboard to start your writing as you complete the handout.

Your Turn: Using apps to learn online like a pro

Now it is your turn to act. First, remember a time you used a computer to complete a task and answer the following questions...  

What worked well and what did not work well?  

How did your feelings influence your learning experience?    

Were there any missed opportunities or regrets?   

What would you like to have done differently or more of or less of?   


Use the handout to write your answers for each situation. Considering what you now know about the different tools and platforms you may use when taking online courses, write down the tools where you need more training. It is also a good idea to have handy some resources just in case you run into problems while taking courses. 


Click HERE to access the Your Turn handout    

GCF Website

Visit the GCF website and explore their free tutorials. Use this information to get started with your training. Create your list of go-to websites for tips and proven solutions to common technical problems. Include short descriptions of each type of support so you can easily refer back to it whenever needed.  


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