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1. Introduction

Navigating Module 4

By the end of this module, you will be able to set-up a functional learning space. You will also be able to use information from the Course Outline to create your weekly schedule and assignments plan when taking courses with UCalgary Continuing Education.

Estimated time to complete module 4:

25-30 minutes 

What's in this module?

Module four contains the following: 

3 Videos 

2 Audio clips 

2 Downloadable Handouts 

3 Downloadable infographics 

1 Quiz 

1 Downloadable infographic summary

Click HERE to view the Module 4 introduction video transcript 

Start by listening to the audio clip below. You can also read a written transcript and access an activity handout by clicking the links below the audio player.

The brain is like a muscle, and to strengthen that muscle you must exercise it. One way of doing so is by using new knowledge to complete an activity or an assignment. Think back to the last time you had to complete an assignment at school. A time when you had to work hard to understand what was required in the assignment and a time when completing an assignment came very easily to you. Try to remember for both situations as many facts as possible. For example: 

What were the assignment about? Were the assignments a written essay, a presentation, individual or team project, or a test?  

How much time did you spend on completing the assignments or preparing for them? 

Were you working with other individuals to help you better understand or were you working independently?  

Were you in a space that facilitated your focus and attention to detail, or were you in a space where you were easily distracted?  

What kind of resources were available to you to help you complete the assignments? Computers, textbooks, experts, people, pen and paper, or videos?  

Did you have any leadership to guide you as you were completing the assignments by an instructor or an employer?  

Did you read the instructions before you started? Did you get stuck at any point as you were working on the assignment and if so, how did you manage that situation?  

Finally, how did you feel in each situation? Were you empowered, confident, curious, involved, calm as you were completing the assignments? Or were you frustrated, confused, less involved when you struggled to complete the assignment?  

Write your responses in the handout provided.  

Download the handout with guiding questions to help you in remembering all the facts of a time when you needed to complete assignments.

Click HERE to download the handout


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