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1. Introduction


Navigating Module 1

By the end of the module you will be able to define online learning, describe the three core digital literacy skills, and understand the process independent learners use to manage their own learning. 

Estimated time to complete module 1:

15-20 minutes

What's in this module?

Module one contains the following: 

3 Videos 

2 Audio clips 

2 Downloadable Handouts 

2 Downloadable infographics 

1 Quiz 

1 Downloadable infographic summary 

Click HERE to view the introduction video transcript 

This course utilizes many different tools and resources to help describe the different aspects of learning online, and to give you, the student, an idea of the types of media and resources you may encounter in your online Continuing Education classes.

Start by listening to the audio clip below. You can also read a written transcript and access an activity handout by clicking the links below the audio player.

Learning happens in different ways and at different times for everyone. Think of a time when you were at school. A time when you enjoyed immensely learning something and a time when it was a struggle. Try to remember for both situations as many facts as possible. For example:  

What was it that you were learning? Was it Math, English, cooking, music, etc.  

What was the learning setting? Were you in a classroom with a teacher providing lectures, were you in a laboratory following the steps written on the blackboard? Or did you learn on your own by reading a book to then present to the class?  

What did you do during class? Did you take notes, use a voice recorder, just listen, or had to do what you were told?  Did your teacher tell you what activities to complete, when assignments were due, and what questions could be included in the test? 

What materials did you have available? Textbooks, computers, pen and paper, or videos?

Finally, how did you feel in each situation? Were you empowered, confident, curious, involved, and calm when you enjoyed learning? Or were you frustrated, confused, less involved when you struggled to learn something? 


Click HERE to download the handout and write your responses  


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