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Funny Moment 

I was shocked today when I heard my neighbour telling his son the difference between Email and Gmail. 

He said that Email is when you use Electricity to send mail, while Gmail is when you use Generator to send mail. 

I'm still scratching my head.   

Email and discussion forums and etiquette 

When communicating and collaborating with others online, it is important to follow appropriate online etiquette to avoid, as much as possible, any confusion and ambiguity. This is especially important when using discussion boards and sending emails.  

Because even “the best hunter can lose the hare” we encourage you to open the infographic for email etiquette and the infographic about discussion boards to get a refresher or learn something new.  

In the infographic about email etiquette from the Arizona State University, you will learn: 

  1. What is email etiquette?
  2. The importance of email etiquette when composing emails 
  3. The various components of an email 
  4. Using the appropriate tone 
  5. Suggestions to consider when writing the email message
  6. Additional tips 
  7. Examples of well written emails and a confusing “head scratcher” email 



Click HERE to view the Email Etiquette for Students infographic

  • provides details for each of the sections listed above.


Click HERE to view the Discussion Board infographic

  • provides you with 15 rules to write “flying colours” postings and responses.


Click HERE to view the Information & Navigation infographic

  • where information about the applications and digital etiquette previously discussed is summarized.

Question 1:

The following online tool allows me to attend live synchronous lessons and meet virtually with my team: 

a) OneDrive 

b) D2L 

c) Zoom 

d) Word Online 

c) Zoom

Student Support at Continuing Education

There are many resources available to students at UCalgary Continuing Education. Watch this short video to learn more about the resources and support available to you.

Not all Continuing Education students are required to have email accounts at this time.

Click HERE to view the Student Support video transcript

Question 2:

Select all that apply. In order to get technical support, you must:  

a) Login to your D2L account  

b) Fill out an online form to submit a ticket  

c) Login to your My UCalgary account 

d) Try and find the IT phone number under the content page of D2L 

A, B, & C


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