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My Strategies to Learn and Collaborate Online

1. Introduction

Navigating Module 3

In this module, you will explore collaborative online tools, learn effective study strategies, develop your time management skills, and consider nine aspects when creating a weekly schedule to keep you organized throughout this course and any other online courses you will take in the future. 

Estimated time to complete module 3:

25-30 minutes

What's in this module?

Module one contains the following: 

3 Videos  

3 Audio clips  

2 Downloadable Handouts  

3 Downloadable infographics  

1 Quiz  

1 Downloadable summary infographic 

Click HERE to view the module 3 introduction video transcript

Start by listening to the audio clip below. You can also read a written transcript and access an activity handout by clicking the links below the audio player.

Think back to your time as a student or any other opportunities where you had to communicate and collaborate with a group of peers. Try to remember as many facts as possible. 

How did you communicate?  

Which tools did you use to communicate?  

Did you text or use messaging apps, or a good old fashion call?  

Did you meet in person or discuss online?  

Did your group create rules or a team contract? 

Finally, think about how you felt about working with peers to study or complete assignments. Did you have a good experience? Was it hard at the beginning but later it was easy and even enjoyable? Did you enjoy studying with a partner or in a study group? What strategies helped you study? 

Download the handout with guiding questions to help you in remembering all the facts of a time when you were part of a team. 

Click HERE to download the handout


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