Undergraduate International Research Grant

Let us help you pay for your international research opportunity!

UCalgary International has allocated funding to support undergraduate international research activity. The Undergraduate International Research Grant supports University of Calgary students participating in an eligible UCalgary research program. Please see below for a list of eligible programs. 

Please note that students cannot receive both the International Study Travel Grant and the Undergraduate International Research Grant for the same program. Students who are on study-based programs must apply for the Travel Grant, and those who are undertaking research must apply for the Research Grant.

Important Information

Spring/Summer 2022 Programs 

Application Status: Closed

Application Deadline: March 13, 2022

Sponsored by: UCalgary International

Questions? Contact us at intlstdt@ucalgary.ca or 403.220.5581

The Undergraduate International Research Grant is only available to students participating in the following programs:

Please note that most of the above programs have their own deadlines which are separate from, and may not coincide with, the Research Grant application deadline. Application to these programs and to the Research Grant is a separate process.

If you are participating on another program that you think might be eligible, please contact us at intlstdt@ucalgary.ca to determine your eligibility.

To be eligible for an Undergraduate International Research Grant, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be accepted to one of the programs listed under "Eligible Programs", the program must be at least 5 weeks in length, must commence between April 1, 2022 - August 31, 2022;
  • Must be registered full time in an undergraduate degree program at the University of Calgary;
  • Must be returning to the University of Calgary after completion of the international research experience;
  • Must have completed at least twenty (20) courses (60 units) towards their undergraduate degree program by the time they go abroad (may include transfer courses);
  • Must have a minimum academic standing of 3.0 GPA (Grade Point Average) over the last ten (10) courses taken . NOTE: Individual research programs may have higher GPA requirements;
  • Have not previously received funding from the Undergraduate International Research Grant. 

A printable version of the above guidelines are available here.

The committee will not consider applicants who:

  • Are attending conferences;
  • Are already on their program abroad or have completed their program;
  • Are registered in a graduate program;
  • Are not registered in a degree program at UCalgary;
  • Submitted a late application.
  • Are receiving funding of $2000 or more from other sources, such as DAAD RISE, MITACS, or internal grants such as the Antje Graupe Pryor (AGP) Foundation Award, PURE, SURE (Vet Med) or others.

All University of Calgary undergraduate students who meet the eligibility requirements listed above may apply. Follow these steps:

  1. Please log into RAISA.
  2. Complete/update your profile.
  3. Click on the ‘Funds’ tab.
  4. Search for the International Study Travel Grant and click on the apply button.
  5. Complete your application and make sure to submit it. Please note: you need to press submit. Saved applications will not be considered by the committee past the deadline.


It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the application is complete and has been submitted prior to the deadline.
Applications that are saved but not submitted will not be considered. 

Additional notes regarding the application process:

  • The grant application asks if you are receiving credit for your program. Receiving credit for the program you are selected to is not a requirement to be eligible for the grant. 
  • Students may not receive an Undergraduate International Research Grant and an International Travel Study Grant for the same program/experience or for consecutive programs at the same institution. If you are going on more than one study/research abroad program in different periods of time within the Grant commencement dates, you can only receive funding for one of the programs. Please choose one program and apply for the appropriate funding for that program.
  • Following the completion of your program/experience abroad, you will be required to submit a program report and participate in promotional activities regarding study abroad. See information in "Requirements" section below.

The selection committee will review the applications of all eligible students, including the requested Statement of Purpose and Academic Reference. Consideration of applications for funding is on a competitive basis. 

To check the status of an application, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your RAISA account; and
  2. Click on the tab labeled “My Applications” and then click on "view fund applications".

The status of your application will be shown on the right hand side of the Fund application title.

Here is what each status means:

Accepted - Congratulations, you have been awarded a grant. You will receive an email within 24 hours of this status change with the award details. If it has been more than 24 hours, please email intlstdt@ucalgary.ca to have the letter re-sent. Please make sure to check your junk/spam mailbox.

Applied - Your application has been completed and successfully submitted. Your application will remain at the applied status until the system is updated with the committee decisions.

Declined- Unfortunately, you have not been awarded a grant.

Saved - You have a draft application. Any applications that are saved are not considered by the committee. Please ensure you complete and submit your application by the deadline.

Withdrawn -You have not been able to complete the research program or an acceptable alternative and are therefore ineligible for the grant so your funding has been withdrawn. This is only used for students who withdraw an application before the committee considers it or who withdraw after they have been awarded.

What do I need to do to have my Undergraduate International Research Grant paid to me?

Once you have been accepted, here are the steps you will need to complete to receive your Undergraduate International Research Grant:

Step 1: Provide Confirmation of you acceptance by your host University and / or project supervisor

Step 2: Enter your banking information through your Student Centre. Under the "My Financials" section and click on "Submit Direct Deposit Info." (NOTE: This is in very small text at the base of the "Awards and Scholarships" block)

Step 3: Accept the "Terms and Conditions" for this grant in RAISA. You can read the "Terms and Conditions" here

When will I get my grant paid out?

Students must provide their banking info and agree to the Terms & Conditions prior to receiving their payment. 

A printable version of the Undergraduate International Research Grant Terms and Conditions are available here.


1. I have applied for one of the research programs on the Eligible Programs list but have not received confirmation of my acceptance, am I still eligible?

Yes. You can apply based on the tentative dates and details for your proposed program. If the committee chooses to award you funding, it will be contingent on you providing proof of participation in the program.

2. How much is the Undergraduate International Research Grant?

There will be 30 grants available each year of the two-year pilot program valued at $3000 each.


1. If I have received an Undergraduate International Research Grant for one research program, am I eligible to be awarded the grant a second time if I want to apply to a different eligible research program next year?

No. The Undergraduate International Research Grant is limited to one per student, not per program.

2. If I am participating in a UCalgary program as a Visiting Student (e.g. from MRU) am I eligible to be awarded an Undergraduate International Research Grant?

No. Students must be earning credits towards a UCalgary degree.

3. If I have applied to transfer to UCalgary so this program may count towards my degree once I am accepted, am I eligible?

You must be accepted into a UCalgary degree program by the application deadline and meet all other eligibility requirements. Most students will not receive confirmation that they have been accepted for transfer until mid-summer. If you apply before your transfer is approved, you will not be an eligible applicant.

4. I am an Open Studies Student, am I eligible?

No. Open Studies students are not officially registered in a degree program so they are not earning credit towards a degree. If you were an Open Studies student in the past but you have been accepted into a degree program at UCalgary by the application deadline, you may now be eligible.

5. I am looking to attend a conference related to my thesis/research/degree, am I eligible?

No. Conferences are not eligible for funding through the Undergraduate International Research Grant. Please contact the Students’ Union (if you are an undergraduate student), or the Faculty of Graduate Studies (if you are a graduate student) to see what other options are available to you.

6. I am not eligible for the Undergraduate International Research Grant. Can you suggest other sources of funding?

We have compiled a listing of funding options for students to further investigate. Click here for more information.

7. I am an International Student. Can I apply for an Undergraduate International Research Grant to help with the cost of my studies at UCalgary?

No. The Undergraduate International Research Grant is only awarded for research conducted through an eligible program outside of Canada. However, international students registered in a degree program at UCalgary who have been accepted by UCalgary to participate in one of the eligible research programs listed above (and meet all other requirements) are eligible for the Undergraduate International Research Grant funding.

8. I will have finished all the requirements for my degree before the research commences/after the research ends, am I still eligible? 

No. Students must be returning to UCalgary for at least one additional semester following their research program.  


1. I want to see if a promotional activity will be accepted, who do I contact?

Please send an email with the details to intlstdt@ucalgary.ca

Upon your return, you must submit a Program Report Survey. This is due within three weeks of completing your period abroad.

Click here for the 2020 report

Any questions or technical difficulties should be directed to intlstdt@ucalgary.ca.

How can I fulfill my 2 hours promotional requirement?

1. Volunteer at our Marketing Events:

The most common option available to students is to staff a display set up by UCI or one of the Faculty Exchange offices (e.g. Science, Schulich, Haskayne). This requires a 2-hour commitment from volunteers, but all of the necessary information is prepared and provided for you.

There are plenty of opportunities throughout the year to participate. The majority of  UCI activities occur in the Fall term. In the first week of Fall and Winter terms we do a marketing week to promote study abroad opportunities. We also have Go Global Day in September, where we will have a number of booths set up needing volunteers. Theses displays generally run from 9am-3pm.

There are limited opportunities available for staffing booths outside of weekdays between 9am-3pm. 

2. Volunteer at the Study Abroad Office:

Students who are Study Abroad/International Student Services Resource Assistant volunteers or Program Assistants can use that to fulfill their promotional requirement.

3. Enter our International Video Contest:

Each Fall semester, UCI holds an International Video Contest. Students who have been abroad are encouraged to submit a short video promoting the city and experience they had. This can be counted as 1-hour toward your study abroad promotional requirement. For more information, please check with an UCI staff member in the month of October or the International Video Contest website here.

4. Write a Blog/Article:

Personal blogs are never accepted unless directly used by UCI staff for promoting a program. Students will need to contact intlstdt@ucalgary.ca to discuss the possibility of using your personal blog as part of your study abroad promotional requirement before writing it. If you are interested in writing a blog, please follow the instructions provided here.

Articles written for UCalgary online sources (i.e. a Faculty’s blog or program information page, a blog coordinated by UCI staff) are acceptable. Relevant articles written for student clubs may also be accepted. Please report your activity to intlstdt@ucalgary.ca.

Students who write articles about their experiences that are published by an on campus publications (e.g. Gauntlet, UThisWeek) or on a Faculty website designed to promote study abroad opportunities to other students can also have this credited towards their promotional requirement provided we are informed of the activity.

5. Make a Presentation:

Participation in classroom presentations or program information sessions as a past participant are also accepted; however, for this to count, students must be specifically chosen by the instructor or an UCI staff person coordinating the event. Students who are not invited by the organizer will not have it credited towards their promotional requirements. This includes students who simply show up at a classroom to make a presentation. Students are strongly encouraged to contact us at intlstdt@ucalgary.ca for details.

Volunteering for events not organized by UCI (but still affiliated with a UCalgary faculty or department) are also generally acceptable (i.e. Medical electives information nights, MBA information sessions, presentation at orientations, etc.). Please send an email with details to intlstd@ucalgary.ca.

6. Have your photo used in our Marketing Materials:

Students who provide photos from their trips that are used by UCI for official promotional activities will also be credited ½ hour towards their promotional requirement. Students who place in the International Photo Contest (honorable mention or higher) will receive ½ hour credit towards their promotional requirement. Make sure to advise the Administrator at intlstdt@ucalgary.ca regarding your participation. Please Note: simply submitting photos to the International Photo Contest is not sufficient.

7. Suggest an idea! 

We are always looking for new promotional suggestions. Let us know your idea by emailing intlstdt@ucalgary.ca to see if it will count toward your hours!