Global Learning Advising

Whether you're curious to talk about Global Learning in general, or have a list of questions about a particular program, we're here to help.

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General Drop-in Advising

Looking to learn more about your Global Learning options? Want to apply, but not sure where to start? Come talk to an advisor or a peer ambassador!

Fall Drop-in Hours (beginning Sept 5):
Mondays to Thursdays, 11am - 3pm

Location: MacKimmie Tower 5th floor (MT 501)

Drop-in advising is recommended for those who have more general questions, are early in the application process, or are seeking stories & advice from student peers who recently returned from studying abroad.

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Please note: for the month of September, our advisors are only taking booked appointments with students who are preparing to travel in Winter 2024 semester. This is because these students are in a more time-sensitive position and need to be prioritized. We appreciate your understanding!

If you are a student preparing for a Winter 2024 exchange, email to request an appointment with your advisor. Please indicate your availability for several dates/times and we will find a time that works for both of us. Please also indicate if you prefer a Zoom or in-person appointment. 

Program-Specific Advising (Returning October 10)

Each of our global learning programs has a dedicated advisor who is responsible for coordinating applications and knowing all the logistics for that program. If you have questions about a specific program, please book a meeting with the responsible advisor as they will best be able to help you.

You're also welcome to drop in at our office, but you may be followed up with over email or asked to return at a later time. We cannot guarantee that every advisor will be available during drop-in hours and, as our advisors specialize in different programs, not every advisor can answer every question.

Identify your advisor

If you have already applied or been accepted to a global learning program, this step will be easy! 

Otherwise, use the Program Finder to locate the program that you're interested in and check who the responsible advisor is. This is typically listed near the bottom of the program page.

Find your program

Book an appointment

Log in to Elevate using the link below. From the left side panel, select Advising > Study Abroad, and follow the instructions to view the available appointments for your advisor. Please be sure to select the appointment type "Global Learning Advising"!

Make note if you have booked an in-person or a Zoom appointment, as they are not interchangeable. 

Book an appointment

We look forward to meeting you soon!