Terms and Conditions of Employment

Management and Professional Staff

The University of Calgary depends on the contributions of Management and Professional Staff (MaPS) to create a high-quality learning environment and support the Eyes High strategic direction.

The MaPS Terms and Conditions of Employment provides a general framework to guide the employment relationship between the university and MaPS. It is a central document that standardizes and reflects current practices and terms of employment outlined in existing offer letters, various standalone policies & procedures, and the benefits-at-a-glance. This document guides the employment relationship between the university and each individual MaPS employee. Entitlement to pension and benefits and paid time off varies by appointment type.

Exceptions to these terms may be made as a condition of employment to support the recruitment and retention of critical positions. Exceptions can only be made following consultation with the Associate Vice-President of Human Resources, and in some cases may require the approval of an appropriate Vice-President. The university retains the right to modify or amend this document in whole or in part from time to time on notice to employees of changes, as the university, in its sole discretion, considers appropriate.

The Executive Leadership Team approved the MaPS Terms and Conditions of Employment on an interim basis for 1 year period from April 2015 to March 31, 2016 to allow for a broader university wide consultation.

In the spring and summer of 2015, a thorough consultation was held to determine how accurately the terms and conditions reflected departmental practices and to determine what, if any, changes would positively impact MaPS. The new MaPS Terms and Conditions of Employment will be effective April 1, 2016 until March 31, 2019 and features changes to personal leave days, Stampede half day, and some housekeeping changes.

More recently, minor revisions were made to the MaPS Terms and Conditions as a result of the legislative changes of Bill 17: Fair and Family Friendly Workplace Act. The changes include an amendment to the calculation of holiday pay for part-time employees and modification to the leaves of absence section. The legislative revisions to the MaPS Terms and Conditions are unrelated to the February 2018 consultations as part of a broader review of the document.


This document applies to all MaPS regardless of classification — however, the document does not apply to any MaPS working in Qatar.

For general questions, contact your direct manager. If you have additional questions, you may contact the Integrated Service Centre (ISC) or your HR Services Representative.

The Public Service Employee Relations Act ("PSERA") governs the labour environment for non-academic staff at the university. Specifically, PSERA sets out the type of employees included and excluded from a bargaining unit. By the nature of their employment with the university, MaPS are excluded from a bargaining unit.

No, you should not be referring to the AUPE Agreement for MaPS terms of employment. Refer to the MaPS Terms and Conditions of Employment and your letter of offer.


Yes, the university is committed to promoting the standard of conduct outlined in the Code of Conduct policy. This standard of conduct preserves and enhances public confidence in the integrity, objectivity, and impartiality of our business and research activities. The university relies on all employees to uphold these standards by ensuring outside activities or financial interests do not interfere or influence their decision-making processes.

MaPS are expected to demonstrate a high standard of performance that includes demonstrating conduct consistent with university policies and achieving the outcomes for which they are accountable.

Relevant professional credentials or membership fees related to a MaPS position are determined by managers and must be a requirement of the position. Relevant professional credentials or membership fees related to a MaPS position, as determined by the manager, may receive reimbursement of one fee per calendar year. In cases where an additional license is essential in order to remain accredited, this fee may also be reimbursed. This will be at the discretion of individual managers.

Proof of expenditure (original receipts) must be provided and approved by your manager before reimbursement can be made. Managers are typically responsible for approving the reimbursement in accordance with their budget parameters. MaPS should refer to the Learning and Development Guidelines for MaPS.

A return to service agreement may be required when the university pays for a MaPS participation in an education course, training program, or university program. If you have further questions about a return to services agreement and whether it is applicable, view the Learning and Development Guidelines for MaPS or contact your HR Services Representative.


Information on the compensation philosophy, principles, and guidelines of the university's compensation structure can be found on the MaPS Labour Relations page.

All salary decisions for MaPS will be governed by the Salary Management Guidelines.

These guidelines also detail the following:

  • New Hire Starting Salary Decisions

  • Promotional Salary Decisions

  • Lateral Move Salary Decisions

  • Movement to a Lower Career Band or Career Level

  • Secondments

  • Temporary Assignments

  • Market Adjustments

  • Red Circle Rates

Flexible Work Arrangements

Learn more about the program

Once you are enrolled in the program you are expected to maintain the new schedule for the duration of the Summer Compressed Work week. Only in the most exceptional circumstances will a request to be removed from the program be considered. Contact your manager or HR Services Representative.

Additional Personal Leave Days for 2019

As a one-time benefit for 2019, all eligible MaPS employees will be provided with six additional Personal Leave Days, for a total of nine Personal Leave Days.

Three additional days will be added to an employee’s leave bank on Jan. 1, 2019, and the remaining three additional days will be added on July 1, 2019.

This benefit is a one-time incentive for 2019 as recognition of the contributions made by MaPS staff during these challenging economic times.

Any Management and Professional Staff (MaPS) who are currently eligible to receive PLDs and who have successfully completed the three-month waiting period on the dates the additional days are loaded, have access to these additional PLD days.

Eligible MaPS receive three (3) PLDs for use at any time during the year, plus these additional six (6) PLDs for a total of nine (9) PLDs.  Three (3) of the additional PLDs must be used by the end of June, and the remaining three (3) must be used by the end of December 2019.

By way of legislation, the Government of Alberta froze public sector compensation until Sept. 30, 2019 and the university is restricted from implementing alternative compensation programs. Although the university is bound by the compensation freeze, we believe it is important to recognize the efforts of all staff including MaPS. We value and appreciate your hard work and dedication and look forward to building upon a solid foundation of excellence as we work together in the year ahead.

At this time the six (6) additional PLDs are being renewed for 2019 only.

The additional PLDs must be used in the six (6) months that they were allotted. If you do not use your additional days within that period, they will be forfeited.

All MaPS who participate in the Annual Flex Program will have additional days off throughout the 12 month program. Given the operational impact of these absences, participants will lose the three (3) discretionary Personal Leave Days (PLDs) allocated in July 2019. Participants will still receive a total of six (6) PLDs for 2019 — three (3) permanent and three (3) discretionary allocated in January 2019.

In order to manage operational requirements, requests to use PLDs should be made in advance as much as possible. Circumstances will arise where an employee asks to use their PLDs on short or no notice (i.e., broken furnace, MD appointment for family member).  These circumstances should be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

The PLDs will be added to your leave bank on the following dates:

  • Jan.1, 2019 – three (3) days as per the MaPS Terms and Conditions of Employment;
  • Jan. 1, 2019 – three (3) additional days;
  • July 1, 2019– three (3) additional days.

Yes, the six (6) additional Personal Leave Days must each be used in the period they were allotted:

  • You have until June 28, 2019 to use the first three (3) additional one-time PLDs
  • You have until Dec. 24, 2019 to use the second three (3) additional one-time PLDs
  • You have until Dec. 24, 2019 to use your three (3) permanent PLD days as per the MaPS Terms and Conditions of Employment.

No, employees can only use the additional PLDs once they have been allotted.

To be eligible for the first additional PLDs you must be an active employee and have successfully completed the three-month waiting period on Jan.1, 2019. To be eligible for the second additional PLDs you must be an active employee and have successfully completed the three-month waiting period on July 1, 2019. PLDs will not be prorated.

The additional PLDs are added to your bank even if you are on a leave of absence. If you return from leave before the end of the allotment period, you may use the additional days — however, you must use the days in the allotment period or they will be forfeited.

PLDs are intended for conducting personal business and meeting family obligations versus supplementing other planned and pre-approved time off.  Therefore, as a general rule, no more than one (1) permanent PLD and one (1) additional 2019 PLD should be used in combination to extend vacation time or a long weekend.

Ending the Employment Relationship

The university requires a minimum of two (2) weeks' notice of resignation in writing to the immediate manager.

No, resignation is not required for an internal employment transfer; however, MaPS must still provide a minimum of 2 weeks' notice when transferring positions. The time frames for a transfer will be negotiated between the hiring manager and the current manager.

A MaPS who is absent without authorization or good and proper reason from their employment for three (3) consecutive workdays is considered to have abandoned their position. The manager shall reasonably attempt to contact the employee during a period of unauthorized absence to determine the reason for the absence.