Probation Reviews

The Probationary Period

Most new hires (Support Staff and MaPS) at the University of Calgary serve a probationary period after hire, during which the employee has time to learn their new role and demonstrate their suitability for the job. It also allows the manager to evaluate the new employee and confirm that the right person was hired for the job.

Typically, the probationary period is six months or 500 hours worked, whichever is greater. Refer to the AUPE collective agreement and MaPS terms and conditions of employment for full details.

Information for Managers

During the probationary period, managers should meet regularly with their new hire to set and clarify expectations, identify training opportunities, and provide support while the employee learns their new role. The probationary review process varies depending on staff group:

Skill Building for Probation Reviews

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  1. Connect to Perform - Probationary Reviews

    15 minutes | Managers

    In this narrated online resource, managers will learn about managing the probationary period for support staff and MaPs, including details on mid-probationary and probationary reviews.