Scarborough Charter

Scarborough National Charter on anti-Black racism and Black Inclusion in Higher Education: Principles, Actions, and Accountabilities

Scarborough Charter
La charte de Scarborough

About the Scarborough Charter

The Scarborough National Charter on anti-Black racism and Black Inclusion in Higher Education: Principles, Actions, and Accountabilities is a commitment by institutions across Canada to combat anti-Black racism and foster Black inclusion in higher education. The Charter was a co-creation process involving extensive consultations and collaboration with Black communities, academic institutions, governments, political and civic leaders, and activists across Canada. The Charter recognizes the realities of anti-Black racism and includes concrete steps for action and to ensure institutional and cross-sector accountabilities.



The work we have done up to this point represents a start. We see our university’s support for the Scarborough Charter as an extension of a long-term commitment to empowering Black futures. This is work that strengthens all aspects of our campus and every member of our community.

Dr. Ed McCauley

President and Vice-Chancellor

A snapshot of UCalgary's Black community

The University of Calgary is committed to data transparency. Data is collected via an expanded Employment Equity Census, and a Student Equity Census, and shared via the EDI dashboard, and EDI infographics. The UCalgary also draws on Census and other higher education statistics.

Racialized and Indigenous Representation at Canadian Universities 2019









Adapted from Universities Canada. EDI at Canadian Universities 





Adapted from Universities Canada. EDI at Canadian Universities 

Note:  Where groups do not equal 100%, respondents are accounted for in more than one group

Representation at Canadian Universities

Research Excellence

Engaging with various research bodies helps build concrete research supports. We are celebrating Black excellence and boosting equity and inclusive participation. 

Dr. Patrina Duhaney

Studying anti-Black experiences at the university

Dr. Patrina Duhaney is leading a research project that aims to capture student, alumni, staff, sessional instructors and faculty members' experiences of anti-Black racism at UCalgary.

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Dr. Jennifer D. Adams

Unearthing the experiences of BIPOC in STEM fields

Dr. Jennifer D. Adams explores the experiences of Black, Indigenous, and racialized students in Western Canada within STEM fields.

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Dr. Régine King

Dr. Régine King's innovative program of research

Dr. Régine King is the recipient of the 2021 Killam Emerging Research Leader Award. One of UCalgary's most prestigious awards, she has been recognized for her various contributions in research and advancing social change.

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Dr. Morris Scantlebury, MD

Researching epilepsy in infants

Dr. Morris H. Scantlebury, MD, and Scantlebury Lab principal investigator, was awarded a CIHR grant to study the role of acid sensing ion channels in infantile spasms.

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Dr. Tunde Ogunfowora

How to promote morally courageous behaviour at work

Dr. Tunde Ogunfowora, associate professor and researcher at the Haskayne School of Business, was recently published in the Journal of Organizational Behaviour. Ogunfowora and his colleagues found that ethical role modelling from a leader influences morally conscious behaviour by nurturing employee moral ownership and a sense of obligation to the organization.

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Postdoctoral award winners

Postdoctoral Awards for Indigenous and Black Scholars

Congratulations to the recipients of the Inaugural recipients of Provost’s Postdoctoral Awards for Indigenous and Black Scholars for 2021.

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Dr. Wanda Thomas Bernard

Dr. Wanda Thomas Bernard Leadership Scholarship

The Dr. Wanda Thomas Bernard Scholarship is one of three new Faculty of Social Work awards for Black students initiated by the Faculty of Social Work’s Anti-Black Racism Task Force.

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Alumna Nicole Mfoafo-M'Carthy

Rhodes Scholarship for 2022

Alumna Nicole Mfoafo-M'Carthy is 1 of just 11 Canadians to receive Rhodes Scholarship for 2022. The Rhodes Scholarship is the oldest and possibly most prestigious international scholarship program, enabling outstanding young people from around the world to pursue a postgraduate degree at the University of Oxford in England. 

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Student Communities

Black Law Students' Association

A national student-run, non-profit organization committed to supporting and enhancing academic and professional opportunities for Black law students. 

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Calgary Black Medical Students' Association

The University of Calgary's Black Medical Student Association (BMSA) was founded in 2018 by Black medical students and residents. BMSA strives to provide community, mentorship and advocacy pathways for black medical students at UCalgary.

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African Caribbean Students Association

African Caribbean Students' Association (ACSA) strives to contribute to the improvement of general welfare on the University of Calgary campus, providing an open dialogue on African and Caribbean issues.

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Black History Month Creative Arts Gallery

The Black History Month Creative Arts Gallery uncovers activism, artistry, and unparalleled accomplishments of UCalgary's unique student community. 

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Pathways to Black Flourishing

Future Black Law Students Access

The Black Student Admissions Process (BSAP) was introduced for the Fall 2021 admissions cycle in collaboration with and in response to the UCalgary Chapter of the Black Law Students’ Association (BLSA) Calls to Action released in June 2020. It addresses admissions reform to encourage and increase the number of BIPOC applicants to the law school.

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Black Admissions Programs, Medicine

On June 15, the Calgary Black Medical Students’ Association (BMSA) released its Calls to Action to address institutionalized racism in medical education and health care. The Cumming School of Medicine (CSM), in collaboration with the Calgary BMSA, has established a Black Applicant Admissions Process (BAAP).

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STEP – Support to Entry Program

The CSM recognizes the academy’s historic exclusion and discrimination against people who identify as Indigenous, Black, racialized minorities, 2SLGBTQ+, persons with diverse abilities and those facing financial barriers. STEP is designed to address barriers that equity-deserving groups encounter when preparing to enter medicine and related studies.

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Biographical Dictionary of Enslaved Black People in the Maritimes (2022)

In the windswept and cold Canadian Maritimes, slavery found fertile ground that produced multiple generations of enslaved people. This book sheds light on more than 1,400 brief life histories of mostly enslaved Black people, with the goal of recovering their individual lives.

In this important book, Harvey Amani Whitfield unearths the stories of men, women, and children who would not otherwise have found their way into written history. The individual lives mentioned come from various points of origin, including Africa, the West Indies, the Carolinas, the Chesapeake, and the northern states, showcasing the remarkable range of the African experience in the Atlantic world. Whitfield makes it clear that these enslaved Black people had likes, dislikes, various personality traits, and different levels of physical, spiritual, and intellectual talent. In doing so, he affirms the notion that all of these slaves were unique individuals, despite the efforts of their owners and the wider Atlantic world to dehumanize and erase them.

Biographical Dictionary of Enslaved Black People in the Maritimes helps us understand the challenges of race in our own time by telling a new story about Canadian history – one rooted in the difficulties of slavery and the actions taken to fight for dignity.

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Nuances of Blackness in the Canadian Academy: Teaching, Learning, and Researching while Black (U of Toronto Press, 2022)

The essays in Nuances of Blackness in the Canadian Academy make visible the submerged stories of Black life in academia. They offer fresh historical, social, and cultural insights into what it means to teach, learn, research, and work while Black.

In daring to shift from margin to centre, the book’s contributors confront two overlapping themes. First, they resist a singular construction of Blackness that masks the nuances and multiplicity of what it means to be and experience the academy as a Black body. Second, they challenge the stubborn durability of anti-Black tropes, the dehumanization of Blackness, persistent deficit ideology, and the tyranny of low expectations that permeate the dominant idea of Blackness in the White colonial imagination.

Operating at the intersections of discourse and experience, contributors reflect on how Blackness shapes academic pathways, ignites complicated and often difficult conversations, and re-imagines Black pasts, presents, and futures. This unique collection contributes to the articulation of more nuanced understandings of the ways in which Blackness is made, unmade, and remade in the academy and the implications for interrelated dynamics across and within post-secondary education, Black communities in Canada, and global Black diasporas.

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Dr. Malinda Smith

This is a historic moment for Canadian higher education and the University of Calgary to move from commitment to action. I look forward to working with colleagues across campus and in the broader community to seeing these actions create meaningful change across the post-secondary landscape in Canada.

Dr. Malinda Smith

Vice-Provost EDI and Associate Vice-President Research (EDI)


Wisdom Tettey

Univ + colleges sign charter to address anti-Black racism

By Maan Alhmidi | The Canadian Press

November 18, 2021
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The Star

Calgary Eyeopener with David Gray, Angela Knight

UCalgary signs Scarborough Charter

Calgary Eyeopener with David Gray, Angela Knight
Guest - Dr. Malinda Smith

November 18, 2021 | Signing the Scarborough Charter

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Wisdom Tettey

Pledging to fight anti-Black racism+promote Black inclusion

by Ron Fanfair | RON FANFAIR

December 20, 2021
5 min. read


Combatting anti-Black racism

Combatting anti-Black racism

Learn more about the Anti-Black Racism Guide, educational resources, and more.

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