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Presidential Task Force on EDIA (PTF-EDIA)

Our Commitment to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility

The University of Calgary recognizes the importance of creating and maintaining a welcoming, equitable, diverse, inclusive and accessible working, research, teaching, learning and living environment that enables every member of our campus community to thrive. We see this commitment as important to meet the needs of an ever-more-diverse and rapidly changing society and as an opportunity to harness the ideas, knowledge, skills and experiences that people from different backgrounds and perspectives bring to our campuses. Equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility are vital to excellence in all aspects of research practice and design and across the UCalgary research ecosystem. These values, commitments and practices are highlighted in many institutional strategies, including our Eyes High Strategic Plan (2017-2022), Academic Plan (2018-2023), Research Plan (2018-2023) and our Framework for Growth (2021-) that recognize that great cities, and great societies, are anchored by great research universities and commits to applying the framework with “consideration of the effect on efforts towards Indigenous reconciliation and equity, diversity and inclusion.”

Presidential Task Force on EDIA

UCalgary has approved the establishment of a Presidential Task Force on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility (PTF-EDIA): co-constituting an inspiring, strong, evidence-based EDIA strategy, with the aim of advancing and embedding the university’s commitment to a more equitable, diverse, inclusive and accessible campus community.

Between July and December 2022, PTF-EDIA went through institutional governance and consultation with various EDIA stakeholders, including the Board of Governors, General Faculties Council (GFC), GFC Executive, Executive Leadership Team (ELT), Vice-President Research-Ops (VPR-Ops), the Provost Team, Faculty EDI Leads (FEDI) and the EDI Network. PTF-EDIA was established after months of consultations and input following UCalgary’s governance processes.


The mandate of the Presidential Task Force on EDIA is to undertake consultative and collaborative engagements with the University of Calgary’s (UCalgary) representative bodies and wider university communities, conduct internal and external research and analyze qualitative and quantitative EDI data and relevant materials in order to co-constitute and make recommendations to the president for adoption, an institutional EDIA strategy, action and implementation plan, and relevant systems and processes for monitoring progress, impact and reporting.

Terms of Reference (forthcoming)

Presidential Task Force on EDIA Executive Sponsors

The executive sponsors for the PTF-EDIA are UCalgary’s president and vice-chancellor, the provost and vice-president (academic), and the vice-president (research).

Dr. Ed McCauley, PhD, President, University of Calgary

Dr. Ed McCauley, PhD

President and Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Penny Werthner, PhD, Interim Provost and Vice President (Academic)

Dr. Penny Werthner, PhD

Interim Provost and Vice-President (Academic)

Dr. William Ghali, MD, Vice President (Research)

Dr. William Ghali, MD

Vice-President (Research)

Presidential Task Force Co-Chairs

PTF-EDIA will be led by two co-chairs — the vice-provost and associate vice-president research (equity, diversity and inclusion) and the interim provost and vice-president (academic) — who report to the president and the ELT.

Dr. Malinda S. Smith, PhD Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President Research (EDI)

Dr. Malinda S. Smith, PhD

Vice Provost and Associate Vice President Research (EDI)

Dr. Penny Werthner, PhD Interim Provost and Vice President (Academic)

Dr. Penny Werthner, PhD

Interim Provost and Vice-President (Academic)

Presidential Task Force Membership

The constitution of the PTF-EDIA shall reflect the diversity of UCalgary’s campus communities and the broader community and city in which the university is located. The composition encompasses representatives from our campus governance bodies and associations and is intentional in its inclusion of the voices of members of equity-deserving groups.


At the University of Calgary, strategic planning and processes are designed to engage communities toward a common purpose.

Strategic plans at the University of Calgary use the internal data, external data, consultation and best practices (IECB) framework:

UCalgary Strategic Planning and Processes

internal data

Internal data

Internal data sources such as existing strategic plans and decisions that have been made to date on the direction of the university.


external data

External data

External data sources include provincial government frameworks, federal strategies and sector-wide planning documents, market analyses, and reviews of the political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal forces that drive decision-making.


paper with question mark and a pencil laying beside


Consultation with the affected groups both internal to our university campuses and within the broader community.


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Best practices

Best practices as articulated and proven by the global community of scholars and professionals who study strategy, planning, higher education, culture and other related topics.


Our strategic frameworks strike a balance between where we have been with where we want to go; expertise and community opinion; and the need to set clear, inspiring direction and ensure the plan encompasses the breadth of activities at a research university.

Presidential Task Force EDI Data Books

UCalgary Inclusive Excellence Cluster Hiring EDI Data Report

UCalgary Inclusive Excellence Cluster Hiring EDI Data Report

This UCalgary Inclusive Excellence Cluster Hiring EDI Data Report provides institutional and faculty-level equity gap analyses of the representation of equity-deserving groups at the University of Calgary between 2016 – 2021.

Disaggregated EDI Data Report & Educational Attainment in Canada

Disaggregated EDI Data Report and Educational Attainment in Canada


Reports, Research and Updates

Reports, Research and Updates


Presidential Task Force Community Engagement

Community consultations

Community consultations

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Attend a workshop

Attend a workshop

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Provide written feedback

Provide written feedback

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