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UCeed Social Impact Fund

A unique partnership in social finance that supports a growing ecosystem of social purpose organizations focused on making positive changes in our communities.

UCeed Social Impact Fund is powered by the generosity of the United Way of Calgary and Area and their mission to mobilize communities for lasting social change and the Government of Alberta’s Creative Partnerships bold initiative to support arts and non-profit sectors. 

About the UCeed Social Impact Fund

About the Fund

UCeed invests in social enterprises that are working to solve pressing social and human problems with innovative and tested solutions. This could include, but not limited to, poverty alleviation, education, financial inclusion, health and wellness, re-skilling and up-skilling the next generation workforce, innovation to promote social, gender and economic equity, and innovation in the arts and cultural sectors. Enterprises solving issues related to agriculture, finance, energy, and the environment may be eligible, but are most aligned to UCeed Social Impact if they are making a meaningful impact for populations with barriers to access.

As an early-stage investor, we are looking for evidence that your innovation and business model have been tested with the customers and beneficiaries you seek to serve. We are looking for social entrepreneurs who are using innovative approaches to solving pressing social issues and have a desire to measure and manage their intended social impact. We value social innovation, equity and inclusivity, collaboration, and those who bring perspective and a growth mindset to their approach.

UCeed Social Impact supports entrepreneurial thinking for students through a collaboration with the Calgary Social Value Fund.

What is Social Innovation?

Social innovation is an initiative, product, process or program that profoundly changes the basic routines, resource and authority flows or beliefs of any social system.

Successful social innovations have durability and broad impact. While social innovation has recognizable stages and phases, achieving durability and scale is a dynamic process that requires both emergence of opportunity and deliberate agency, and a connection between the two. The capacity of any society to create a steady flow of social innovations, particularly those which re-engage vulnerable populations, is an important contributor to the overall social and ecological resilience.1

Social Impact

Investment and fund eligibility


$30,000 up to $300,000


  • Social enterprises including, non-profits, for-profit, charities, and cooperatives with demonstrable community benefit commercializing evidence-based solutions to issues.
  • UCeed Social Impact is open to a broad interpretation of social impact; however, priority will be given to opportunities that address pressing local and international issues. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is a useful reference.
  • Must be incorporated prior to receipt of funds.
  • Must have demonstrable impact or operations in Alberta.
  • Minimum one (1) full-time employee within six (6) months of UCeed investment.
  • Ability to report on impact measures within six (6) months of UCeed investment. The Impact Management Norms and Common Approach are helpful resources to begin learning.

To be considered for investment

UCeed funds meet with prospective companies on an ongoing basis. Please fill out the short application (5 minutes) which will also require you to upload your pitch deck.

Social Impact

Our Investments

Learn more about our investments and how they are making an impact.

Investment Advisory Group - Social Impact Fund

John Rossall

John Rossall

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Cindy Rogers

Cindy Rogers

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Brad Zumwalt

Brad Zumwalt

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Photograph of Geoff Couldrey

Geoff Couldrey

Photograph of Kyle Kanovsky

Kyle Kanovsky

Photograph of Kwame Asiedu

Kwame Asiedu

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United Way donation plants seeds for social impact

Learn how a $2.5-million donation from United Way of Calgary and Area has helped to establish the UCeed Social Impact Fund.

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UCeed Social Impact Fund Information Session

An overview of the Social Impact Fund and discussion on eligibility and how this fund can advance your social enterprise with Jordana Armstrong, Associate Director, Clinical and Social Innovation, and Greg Mack, Senior Business Analyst, Seed Funds.

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