A philanthropically powered early-stage investment program accelerating UCalgary and community-based start-up companies to advance problem-solving research, create jobs and fuel the economy.

What is UCeed?

UCalgary has developed an innovation ecosystem that supports the translation of lab-based research to real-world impact. UCeed is the culmination of UCalgary’s focus on entrepreneurial thinking, invention and innovation, education and community impact. 

Funded entirely through philanthropic support and activated by Innovate Calgary, UCalgary's knowledge transfer and business incubator, UCeed funds, trains, mentors, and supports start-up companies during the critical transitional stage between innovation demonstration and commercialization.

Bridging research to business

UCeed bridges the gap between research grants and commercialization funding for technology and company development.

By providing access to much-needed capital, UCeed advances technologies and helps translate research to economical and societal benefit.

UCeed investment model

UCeed uses a milestone investment model to provide early-stage capital, commercialization expertise, mentorship and networking, education and programming to become investor ready. 

UCeed re-invests any returns into the innovation ecosystem as part of an evergreen funding model.

Mentoring young companies

Each UCeed investee company is paired with at least one mentor to provide advice, monitor milestones and ensure proper governance mechanisms. 

The program creates investor-ready companies that are attractive to further investment opportunities.

The challenge facing entrepreneurs

Raising capital is a daunting challenge for new start-ups, and founders often seek government grants, or investments from friends and family as their first source of funding to launch their business. Once those sources are exhausted, entrepreneurs run out of options. UCeed was created to support start-ups through the funding gap.

UCeed Funding

UCeed supports critical technology research, development, and demonstration — carrying young companies across the gap between institutional funding and commercial investment.


UCeed is funded entirely through philanthropic support from partners who believe innovation will define our future. 


Applications for UCeed funding are open at various times throughout the year. Qualifying criteria is specific to the fund.

UCeed Funds

UCalgary’s philanthropy-based, early-stage funds are creating jobs and diversifying Calgary’s economy. Qualifying ventures can receive an investment of up to $300,000. 

Haskayne Student Fund

A private equity fund managed by and for students, with oversight and coaching from Innovate Calgary and Creative Destruction Lab – Rockies. 

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Child Health Fund

Canada's first early-stage fund for child health - a priority research area for UCalgary and key to creative positive health impacts for children and families.

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Health Fund

Fueling health start-ups aimed at helping patients with a variety of health conditions.  

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Social Impact Fund

A unique partnership in social finance supporting an ecosystem of organizations focused on addressing social issues in our communities. 

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Innovation Ecosystem

The innovation ecosystem at UCalgary

Innovation @UCalgary links discovery, creativity, invention and entrepreneurship to solve local, national and global societal challenges. 

UCeed operates at the intersection of five key groups that make up the innovation ecosystem at UCalgary.  

UCeed investee companies will benefit from elements of UCalgary’s innovation ecosystem, including the Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking, Innovate Calgary, Life Sciences Innovation Hub, W21C, IMPACT, and Creative Destruction Lab – Rockies. 

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The foundational pillars of UCeed


Accelerating innovation from within UCalgary and its surrounding communities.


Enriching the quality and breadth of learning through real-world opportunities for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking.


Integrating UCalgary with communities on-and-off campus through entrepreneurship and innovation.