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UCeed Energy Fund

Supporting Canadian-led innovations to strengthen the energy landscape 

The UCeed Energy Fund is possible with a founding gift from business leader, Don Archibald, and support from the Tamaratt Fund at Calgary Foundation and UCalgary's Global Research Initiative. These donors are committed to advancing Canadian-led innovations working to deliver safe and secure energy supplies for the world.  

Investment and fund eligibility


$50,000 up to $300,000 


  • Applicant must be directly or indirectly connected to a leading Canadian University or Technical Institute 
  • For-profit enterprise
  • Technology Readiness Level (TLR) Stage 1-9
  • UCeed Energy focuses on technologies that are part of any energy vertical or have a material energy savings component
  • UCeed Energy is interested in impactful technologies that have a business plan/opportunity to commercialize
  • UCeed Energy has a “founders first” investment philosophy
  • UCeed Energy is prepared to lead deals for very early stage companies

To be considered for investment

UCeed funds meet with prospective companies on an ongoing basis. Please fill out the short application (5 minutes) which will also require you to upload your pitch deck.

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Our Investments

Learn more about other UCeed investments and how they are making an impact.

UCeed Energy Fund Management Team

Vincent Chahley

Vincent Chahley, Director

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Manuel Garcia

Manuel Garcia, Manager

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Investment Advisory Group - UCeed Energy Fund

don archibald

Don Archibald

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Matt Brister

Matthew Brister

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colin bergman

Colin Bergman

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erin mado

Erin Madro

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lorraine mitchelmore

Lorraine Mitchelmore

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martin molyneaux

Martin Molyneaux

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Energy Fund

Altiro Energy Logo

Altiro Energy

Altiro Energy, a zero-emission energy company, has developed an iron-based fuel — renewable, safe, stable, non-toxic — that is part of a significant paradigm shift. 

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Ayrton Energy Logo

Ayrton Energy

Ayrton Energy is solving the challenges of storing and transporting hydrogen, a clean fuel. With its developing technology, hydrogen can be distributed at room temperature, at room pressure, while making use of existing infrastructure.

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Hyperlume Logo


HYPERLUME Inc., an avant-garde deep-tech venture based in Ottawa, Canada, is pioneering a groundbreaking ultra-low optical connectivity solution tailored for the realms of high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), and cutting-edge processors destined for the forefront of edge computing platforms.

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Disa Logo


Disa, which reduces the amount of energy needed for mineral processing, can use its validated technology to economically remediate legacy mine sites. 

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Litus Logo


Litus is a Calgary-based startup developing a process to efficiently extract lithium from low-concentration sources, with minimal impact on the environment.

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