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UCeed Haskyane Student Fund - Current Student Cohort

The fund aims to create a long-term, best-in-class student education and learning experience at UCalgary; learn about venture capital and finance by managing a real dollar, private equity / VC fund.

AG Team

Photograph of Nisha Soundararajan

Nisha Soundararajan, Ag Stream Lead​

MBA Innovation & Entrepreneurship ​

Nisha is currently pursuing an MBA with a specialization in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She has an extensive technology background with more than 15 years of experience spanning executive leadership, strategy, project management, product management, business analysis and digital transformation. She intends to leverage her technology background and deep-rooted interest in entrepreneurship to become a strategic and visionary venture capitalist.​

Photograph of Kabir Parmar

Kabir Parmar, Ag Fund Manager​

Bachelor of Commerce, Finance ​

Kabir is earning his Bachelor of Commerce in Finance at the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary. As a Fund Associate with UCeed Haskayne Student Fund, Kabir applies his acumen to assess and analyze prospective investments. He has lent his strategic insight to Monitor Deloitte as a Strategy Consultant on energy transition projects and enhanced brokerage operations at Jones Lang LaSalle as a Summer Student. In his free time, Kabir relishes delving into automotive photography and pursuing his passions in music and soundtrack production.

Photograph of Taylor Van Hell

Taylor Van Hell, Ag Fund Associate ​

Bachelor of Commerce, Embedded Certificate in Entrepreneurial Thinking ​

Taylor is in her 4th year of her Bachelor of Commerce and is returning for her second semester of UHSF. Having interned at a tech startup,  a biotech accelerator (KASTx Ventures), and consulted for numerous early-stage companies in the health, consumer goods, and technology industries, Taylor has garnered an interest for innovation and venture capital. Taylor frequently competes in national + international case competitions where she practices her problem solving, business strategy, and communication skills. Some of her notable accomplishments include winning the Hunter Hub Solutions Lab Challenge for her impactful startup pitch to address social isolation, and her 2nd place finish at Concordia University's Engineering + Commerce competition. Following graduation, Taylor plans to continue her entrepreneurial ventures and make a positive social impact through innovation. She is excited by the opportunity to continue to learn and grow with UHSF as an aspiring venture capitalist.​

Photograph of Arunima Nath

Arunima Nath, Ag Fund Associate ​


Arunima has a Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Controlled Drug Delivery Systems and is currently studying MBA at the University of Calgary. She has over 12 years of experience in ensuring compliance with Health Canada and USFDA regulations for drug approvals, product launches, and cannabis products.

Photograph of Ksenia Kabanova

Ksenia Kabanova, Ag Fund Associate ​

Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of Commerce​

Ksenia is currently working towards a combined degree in Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science. She recently joined UHSF and is also a part of the JDC West consulting team, as well as a Marker/Proctor for an entry-level Entrepreneurship and Innovation class. She enjoys knitting, pottery, and taking her cat for walks. In her free time, she enjoys improving her skills in tools such as Power Query.​

Photograph of Declan Sander

Declan Sander, Ag Fund Associate ​

Bachelor of Commerce ​

Declan is an accounting student studying on the Richard and Lois Haskayne Legacy Scholarship, the most prestigious and largest Haskayne scholarship valued at $100,000. Declan is also a member of the heavyweight men's dinos rowing team. Additionally, Declan is the president of Best Buddies, a club that connects community members with intellectual disabilities with University students to create lasting friendships. Declan also serves as treasurer on the Big Brothers and Big Sisters National Youth Advisory Council, where he has been able to work developing mentoring programs for at-risk youth. In his free time, Declan plays in a corporate basketball league volleyball intramural team and is the co-host of the Suffering in Paradise Podcast. ​

Energy Team

Photograph of Haley Jabusch

Haley Jabusch, Energy Stream Lead ​

MBA Finance

Haley is passionate about driving sustainable development through innovation.  She is a third-year evening MBA student with a concentration in Finance, and holds two Bachelors of Environmental Science, one with a concentration in Chemistry and the other in Geology.  As Partnerships Manager with Innovate Calgary at the Energy Transition Centre, Haley supports programing for technology commercialization and engages with stakeholders to transform a downtown office space into a vibrant innovation hub.  Over the past 8 years, she has worked closely with >200 startups and small businesses, providing her with key insights into recognizing patterns of success.  With personal aspirations to deliver positive environmental impacts, her career goals include finding innovative solutions to real world problems and bringing business opportunities to fruition.

Photograph of Norbert Stambuli

Norbert Stambuli, Energy Fund Manager​

MBA Global Energy Management & Sustainable Development​

Norbert is a dedicated professional pursuing an MBA with a specialization in Global Energy Management and Sustainable Development. Alongside his studies, holds a role as the Fund Manager -Energy stream, serves as a financial analyst within the Scotiabank Commercial Banking Team. ​

With a strong passion for projects and initiatives that drive positive change, Norbert has a noteworthy background, including his involvement in the Junior achievement program, where he imparted essential financial literacy skills to the middle school students. ​

Beyond his professional pursuits, he leads a fulfilling life outside of work. He is an ardent podcast enthusiast, an active networker, and a skilled cook. His love for readings fuels his continuous personal and professional growth, and he embraces the joys of exploring new destinations as an avid traveler during his leisure time.

Photograph of Noor Qureshi

Noor Qureshi, Energy Fund Manager

Bachelor of Commerce, Finance​

Noor is in the fourth year of her Finance undergraduate degree at the Haskayne School of Business. In addition to being a Fund Manager at UHSF, she is also the president of the Haskayne Students’ Association, where she has held leadership positions for two years. Holding an internship position in the energy industry while participating in UHSF sparked her interest in energy transition technologies and the clean tech industry. She hopes to pursue a career in the ecosystem that allows her to make a positive impact on her community through developing and diversifying the local economy, and eventually branching out to solve issues impacting global communities as well.​

Photograph of Aleisha Liesemer

Aleisha Liesemer, Energy Fund Associate​

Bachelor of Commerce, Finance ​

Aleisha is in her fourth year of a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Finance. In addition, she is pursuing a certificate in sustainability studies, which aligns with her interest in alternative energy startups. She enjoys hiking in the mountains and listening to podcasts in her free time.

Photograph of Adam Stosky

Adam Stosky, Energy Fund Associate


As an engineer with over 5 years' experience in R&D, Adam has a passion for innovation which has ultimately fostered his interest in the venture capital sector. He graduated from the University of Calgary with a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering and is currently taking his MBA during the evening. He is currently working as a product designer at DIRTT with a focus on designing industrialized construction systems that can be modified or deconstructed to help reduce construction waste. His experience in design for disassembly has nurtured a curiosity about clean technology products that can help reduce society's environmental footprint. With his experience in developing innovative products, Adam is excited to step into a role where he may be able to help promising startups secure funding to help guide them to the commercialization stage. 

Photograph of Edina Thai

Edina Thai, Energy Fund Associate

Bachelor of Commerce ​

Edina is a Finance co-op undergraduate at the University of Calgary. She has the honor of being the only recipient of the Mawer Scholarship for Women in Finance 2023, valued at $9,000. She serves as a Teaching Assistant for the Financial Management course. Alongside her role as an Associate at UCeed Haskayne Student Fund, she participates in Calgary Propel Impact Fund as a Fund Manager, and in Denovo Student Investment Fund as an Investment Analyst. Beyond her academic and professional commitments, Edina enjoys karaoke and sketching. She is extremely eager to explore novel innovations, industries, and diverse perspectives.​

Prime Team

Photograph of Seleem Badawy

Seleem Badawy, Prime Stream Lead

Bachelor of Science, Biomedical Engineering ​

Seleem is currently a 3rd year Biomedical Engineering student with a Digital Engineering Minor and Minor in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development. He is fascinated by bringing solutions to society - driving him to learn more about venture capital and what makes startups potentially successful. He has been involved in translational biomedical research for almost 6 years, recently finishing a summer biomedical research term as 1 of 15 Amgen Scholars across Canada at the University of Toronto and SickKids Research Institute, and currently continuously involved in breast cancer research. ​

He was an intern at Innovate Calgary, is founder and president of a non-profit called Project SciCorp, and has been engaged in other entrepreneurial opportunities, including winning 1st place in the Innovation Rodeo Fan’s Favorite Pitch Competition. In addition to UHSF, he is a member of the international Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Diversity Committee, the VP Events for the UCalgary Biomedical Engineering Student Society, and member of the UCalgary Scholars Academy. ​

In UHSF, he has led multiple deal teams. He has contributed to memos and presentations of 4 companies for Koan Capital and attended numerous screening calls and events with HaloHealth. When he’s not working, he enjoys volunteering at the hospital, cooking, baking, playing saxophone, and learning German.​

Photograph of Kartavi Shah

Kartavi Shah​, Prime Fund Manager

BS Chemical/Biochemical Engineering, MBA ​

Kartavi holds a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering/Biochemical Engineering from the University of California, Riverside and is currently pursuing an MBA from UCalgary's Haskayne School of Business. She is an aspiring venture capitalist with a deep-rooted enthusiasm for merging her technical engineering foundation with the dynamic world of business and innovation. Her ultimate aspiration is to bridge the gap between technology and business, utilizing her background to identify groundbreaking startups and ignite positive change within the Venture Capital industry. In her spare time, she enjoys acrylic painting and exploring hidden gems around the city. ​

Photograph of Ivy Lee

Ivy Lee​, Prime Fund Manager​

Bachelor of Commerce in Business Analytics, Minor in Data Science​

Ivy is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Business Analytics and a minor in Data Science. Her academic journey is complemented by her role as a Fund Manager, as well as her leadership position as the Captain of JDC West Team Haskayne, which is recognized as the pinnacle of undergraduate business competition in Western Canada. She was a student-athlete having represented the UCalgary Dinos Varsity Rugby team but has also proudly represented the Haskayne School of Business at International Case Competitions, like the Global Circular Challenge hosted by the London School of Economics. ​

Furthermore, Ivy boasts two years of invaluable work experience with two of Canada's largest telecommunications companies. Ivy's ultimate career aspiration is to establish herself in the vibrant and dynamic fields of venture capital, private equity, or growth equity. She harbors a profound passion for these highly competitive and rapidly evolving sectors, relishing the opportunity to be at the forefront of discovering emerging trends and evolving consumer behaviours long before they reach the mainstream. ​

Outside her academic and professional pursuits, Ivy finds joy in immersing herself in the great outdoors, exploring new destinations, engaging in sports, and maintaining an active lifestyle.​

Photograph of Raffay Ilyas

Raffay Ilyas​, Prime Fund Associate ​

Masters of Science in Immunology​

Raffay is a graduate student currently working towards his MSc in Immunology. He graduated with a degree in Biomedical Science (honours) with first-class distinction and is set to explore the realm of immunity. Raffay has worked with various organizations and start-ups, such as Nimble Science and Mental Health Virtual Assistant, which kindled his interest in the venture capital space. Aside from academics, Raffay commits his time to volunteering with the Alberta Health Service, writing grants for charities, and mentoring young students to develop their scientific reasoning and skills related to research. Furthermore, Raffay spends his downtime at the gym, where he trains in the art of Brazilian Jui Jitsu and kickboxing.​

Photograph of Shahoon Khan

Shahoon Khan​, Prime Fund Associate​

Master of Science, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology​

Science innovation is often lead by start-ups in our communities, however many of these startups face challenges in the initial phases of their development. To support these ventures, Shahoon joined the UHSF to bridge the divide between groundbreaking research and practical application. Shahoon graduated with honors from the Bachelor of Health Sciences in Biomedical Sciences program in 2022. Currently, he is working towards his MSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Photograph of Jennifer Erickson​

Jennifer Erickson​, Prime Fund Associate​

MBA Innovation & Entrepreneurship ​

Jennifer is currently pursuing her MBA, with a specialization in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, at the University of Calgary. Over the course of 15+ years in life science and medical-related research, she has witnessed first-hand the challenges that researchers face in transforming discoveries at the bench to commercialization. This has inspired her join the UHSF to explore venture capital, with a particular interest in companies in the health and medical sciences space, and the role that it can play in turning these discoveries into something that will ultimately benefit society. In addition to a career in research and her MBA journey, Jennifer has been a longtime volunteer with Crohn’s and Colitis Canada, fundraising to support research and patient support programs while increasing public awareness of IBD and its impact.​

Photograph Ali Radwan

Ali Radwan​, Prime Fund Associate​

Bachelor of Commerce, Finance ​

Ali is pursuing his Bachelor of Commerce with a focus on Finance from the Haskayne School of Business. As a Fund Associate at UCeed Haskayne Student Fund, Ali will be assessing the financial viability of startup companies through due diligence. He has a multifaceted work experience that ranges from current internship duties at Suncor Energy to data analytics at the Business Development Bank of Canada. Ali has been an active member of the university community, serving as an External Director for the Haskayne Students Association (HSA), getting promoted to become the Vice President of Operations of Finance at the HSA, and participating in the Accenture Community Consulting Project. He enjoys playing soccer and spending quality time with friends in his free time.​