Academic Integrity

Have questions about academic integrity and avoiding plagiarism? The Student Success Centre offers resources that can help.

Academic Integrity Week

Come unpack the complexities of academic integrity at the University of Calgary’s first annual Academic Integrity Week (Oct. 14 –18) presented by the Student Success Centre and Libraries and Cultural Resources.

Interactive Workshops

Attend one of our interactive workshops listed below to build your skills for using and citing sources and collaborating appropriately with your peers.

Plagiarism: What is it and how to avoid it

This session will review principles of academic integrity, define what plagiarism is and provide you with a number of strategies for using sources effectively in your writing and presentations.

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Academic Integrity and Collaborating with Peers

Understanding the subtle differences between learning collaboratively with other students and ensuring that you are submitting work that fairly demonstrates your own competence is important to your success in university.  This session will cover principles of academic honesty in relation to group work and working in labs and discuss strategies for gaining the benefits from collaborative learning.

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