2019 Award Recipients

This award was established in 2008 to recognize exceptional students who have a record of academic achievement, consistently demonstrate leadership, and make significant contributions to our community. 

Rahul Arora

Rahul Arora has already made a significant difference in his field, his community, and the lives of other students. As a student researcher in UCalgary’s Department of Oncology, he conducted cancer research studies with a focus on improving patient care through more personalized treatments.

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Anis Ben Arfi

While completing his graduate studies, Anis Ben Arfi served as president of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Students’ Association, the Graduate Engineering Students’ Consortium, and the Calgary Optics and Photonics Students’ Society.

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Tingting Yan

Tingting Yan has used her passion for the arts, science and journalism to improve the lives of others. Inspired by Humans of New York, she founded an on-campus photojournalism project, Humans of UCalgary, to build community and understanding through personal stories.

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Kristen Barton

Kristen Barton is an award-winning medical student with a passion for helping others through both her field of study and her leadership within the student community. Her research focuses on osteoarthritis and helping patients manage chronic pain and prevent future injuries.

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Laura Fader

Laura Fader is passionate about promoting engineering, particularly to high school students and young women — volunteering at local schools and events such as Women in Engineering Day or Girl Guide Science Days.

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