2019 Award Recipients

As this academic year comes to an end, it is our pleasure to announce the recipients of The President’s Award for Excellence in Student Leadership for 2019. This award was established in 2008 to recognize exceptional students who have a record of academic achievement, consistently demonstrate leadership, and make significant contributions to our community. 

Rahul Arora, Presidents Award Recipient 2019

Rahul Arora: Bachelor of Health Sciences, Honours (First Class)

Rahul Arora has already made a significant difference in his field, his community, and the lives of other students. As a student researcher in the University of Calgary’s Department of Oncology, he conducted cancer research studies with a focus on improving patient care through more personalized treatments. Recognized for his work, he has delivered peer-reviewed presentations at conferences in San Antonio, Chicago, Toronto and Banff.


In the community, Arora designed a project to help improve residence engagement at Bethany Care. He also served as the CEO for Operation Med School, a national initiative to educate young students about medicine, and oversaw the organization’s first international expansion.


While completing his undergraduate studies, Arora made it a priority to support and encourage other students. To create more opportunities for high school and university students to develop essential scientific communication skills, he cofounded the peer-reviewed STEM Fellowship Journal. As a peer-assisted study session Leader at UCalgary, he prepared and led three weekly supplemental instruction sessions for students in first-year physics. He also personally mentored many high school and undergraduate students, creating individualized development plans to help them reach their goals and supporting them in their university, scholarship, and professional school applications.

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