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Information for student nominees

Up to five President's Awards for Excellence in Student Leadership are presented each year during convocation to recognize excellence in student leadership for graduating (undergraduate or graduate) students.

Information for student nominees

To be considered for the President's Award: you must be nominated, and you must complete the student nominee form. This form provides you the opportunity to share up to ten ways you have made a positive contribution to the UCalgary community.

Nominations close on March 1, 2024.

As a student nominee, you must also:

  • Use an @ucalgary.ca email address for your submission
  • Confirm that you are in good conduct standing, which will be confirmed by the Student Conduct Office
  • Consent to a review of your transcript by the selection committee
  • Only have one nominator 
  • Successfully convocate (if a student does not convocate, a new nomination will need to be submitted in their graduating year in order to be considered)

For questions about the nomination process, please email vpse@ucalgary.ca.

Student eligibility criteria

Are you eligible for the award?

Frequently asked questions

You must have only one primary nominator. Click here to find information for nominators.

You must successfully convocate in order to receive the President’s Award for Excellence in Student Leadership. If you are selected to receive the award but do not convocate, you need to be nominated again in your graduating year in order to be considered at that time.

No, you must use an @ucalgary.ca email address to submit your nomination form.

Yes, part of the process for completing the nominee form is to provide consent for the selection committee to review your transcript. Part of the criteria for this award is academic excellence.

The President’s Award is one of the university’s premier awards, and each winner is expected to attend their convocation ceremony to receive the award from the president. Winners will also be invited to attend the convocation dinner.

Feel free to emphasize your involvement, but don’t overstate your role or claim any undue credit. For example, if you co-founded a group on campus with two other students, please provide those details rather than simply stating that you founded the group. One sign of a good leader is that you work well with others. You don’t need to lead every project in order to make an important and valuable impact.

Yes you can. Please feel free to include examples of work that made a big impact for a small number of people.


This award is connected to the credential you’re graduating with, so your examples should be primarily from your time completing that credential at UCalgary. The evaluation committee understands that some programs are shorter than others, and will take that into account when reviewing the nominations.

We’re so glad you asked! Here are some ways you can ensure your submission is as strong as possible:

  • be concise
  • provide honest information
  • refrain from embellishing your answers
  • don’t include paid positions (focus on volunteer positions and/or activities that go above and beyond paid experience)
  • don’t include activities that aren’t relevant to the university or community building (for example, being the leading scorer on a sports team)

No. You only need to be graduating in the year that you apply for the award. 

Yes. Completed nominator and nominee forms, as well as supporting letters, are due for any students being considered for the President's Award at the June or November convocation ceremonies. Because all nominations are adjudicated at the same time, nominees are required to apply by the March deadline even if they are planning to graduate in November.