Nominate a student

To nominate a student, you will need to submit a nomination package. This includes:

  • obtaining the consent of the student whose name you are putting forward
  • completing a rationale for the nomination
  • submitting three supporting letters (including the primary letter of support)

The nomination package is submitted through the online nomination form, which includes a place to upload the three letters of support. 

The nomination form will be available on this page once nominations for 2022 open on January 1, 2022.

Nominator criteria

To qualify as a nominator, you must:

  • be a current faculty member, staff member or student at the University of Calgary (Please note that a student cannot serve as their own nominator)
  • not be a family member or close friend of the nominee
  • use an email address

Note: Each nominee should have only one nominator.

Letters of Support criteria

  • The nominator must submit the primary letter of support
  • One letter must be from a University of Calgary faculty member (this condition is satisfied if the nominator is also a faculty member)
  • Secondary support letters may be from faculty, staff, students or community members
  • Letters from family members and close friends cannot be accepted
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