Concussion Rehabilitation Study

Evaluation of cervicovestibular rehabilitation and low level aerobic exercise in children and youth with persistent symptoms following sport-related concussion

A previous study that our group performed found that individuals who were treated with physiotherapy were more likely to be medically cleared to return to sport in an 8 week time period. There is also some research to suggest that exercise may facilitate recovery. A comparison of these two treatments has not yet been studied, and neither has a combination of these treatments.

We are looking to evaluate cervicovestibular physiotherapy, low level aerobic exercise, and a combined form of these treatments to determine how each best facilitates recovery.

Study Partners

Who is participating?

Children and youth who have suffered a sport-related concussion and have persistent symptoms of dizziness, neck pain and headaches (>10 days and less than one year following injury) aged 10-18 years.

What are participants doing?

Participants will receive one of three randomly assigned rehabilitation programs. Participants will be seen once weekly by a physiotherapist for up to 8 weeks or until medically cleared to return to sport. A comprehensive assessment will be done at the start of treatment and at the time of medical clearance. Participants will be asked to wear an activity monitor as well as complete home exercises and questionnaires that will depend on which treatment they receive.