SHRed Mobile

SHRed Mobile

What is the SHRed Mobile?

The SHRed Mobile is a self-contained, converted and customized recreation vehicle that will house mobile equipment and three SIPRC staff /students to facilitate concussion and injury prevention education, knowledge translation, and implementation activities across Alberta.

The primary features of the SHRed Mobile are that it:

  1. is mobile and therefore able to drive to youth participants outside of Calgary and area where more than 70% of youth in Alberta live
  2. has a high community recognition value and is a novel approach to engagement
  3. is a unique and highly practical way of bridging the research to practice gap.

The SHRed Mobile will be one of the primary tools used to collect data for the Surveillance in High School and Community Sport to Reduce Concussions and Consequences of Concussions in Canadian Youth project (SHRed Concussions). This multi-year, pan-Canadian project, is funded by the National Football League’s (NFL) Scientific Advisory Board Play Smart Play Safe program to better understand the burden of concussions and how to best prevent and manage concussions in high school age athletes.

We are excited to come to your community!

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Faculty of Kinesiology - University of Calgary

It takes innovation and creativity to make research accessible and usable for the public. The SHRed Concussions team has found a novel way to translate their research into an interactive experience that will have a positive impact on the health of our communities.

Dr. William Ghali

Vice-president (Research) at University of Calgary

Where are we going to be?

The SHRed Mobile will be visiting as many communities in Alberta as possible

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