Surveillance in High School and Community Sport to Reduce Concussions in Canadian Youth

SHRed Concussions

What are we trying to do?

SHRed Concussions is a large Canadian research study that was funded by the National Football league’s (NFL) Scientific Advisory Board to better understand how common concussions are in high school athletes.

We are looking at:

  • how to prevent concussions from occurring
  • how to detect and diagnose concussions
  • how to manage concussions to get athletes back playing sport faster

Who is participating in this study?

Youth who participate in at least one of the SHRed study sports in the community or at their school to participate: ice hockey, soccer, basketball, volleyball, rugby, football, lacrosse, ringette, cheerleadingwrestling, street dance, sledge hockey, wheelchair basketball, and others.

Why are we doing this research?

To develop a greater understanding of concussions and their consequences among high school and community sport athletes.

What do participants have to do?

Participants must create an online account at, whereby they will complete most of their study requirements. Through the online account participants will complete weekly sport participation and injury surveys and be able to report any injury sustained to their study therapist. Additionally, participants are asked to participate in baseline testing that includes; baseline measures, online questionnaires and clinical assessments.

Study Partners


National Football League


Momentum Health

Momentum Health


UofC Sport Med Centre

University of Calgary Sport Medicine Centre