Radiation Oncology Physics

RADIATION ONCOLOGY PHYSICS is an academic specialization of the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

RADIATION ONCOLOGY PHYSICS is an academic specialization of the Department of Physics and Astronomy.  There are 14 full and Adjunct professors, 12 graduate students, and 2 residents.  We are physically located at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, a fully equipped tertiary cancer treatment treating more than 3000 radiotherapy patients a year. 

Our academic specialization can prepare students for careers in Radiation Oncology Physics in clinical, academic and industrial applications.  At the undergraduate level, we offer summer research (funding dependent) experiences and fourth-year projects.  Our thesis-based MSc and PhD graduate programs combine an intensive didactic program with cutting edge research and hands-on clinical work. Our CAMPEP-accredited Post-doctoral certificate in Radiation Oncology Physics is designed for PhD physicists wishing to transition to a career in medical physics.  We also offer a two-year clinical residency program, a Post-doctoral Diploma in Radiation Oncology Physics.