I'm from Redwood Meadows, Alberta on Treaty 7 land. I am a recent graduate of Springbank Community High School. I've incorporated art throughout my life and hope to continue with my passion by pursuing my dream of becoming a fashion designer. My main focus crafts, knitting and crocheting, were introduced to me at the age of 5; that is 13 years of practice. I am a young entrepreneur- I run a small business from home selling clothing I've designed.

Artist's Statements

Hear Us When We Speak, (2021) oil on canvas, 24” x 24”

This piece was for my final high school art project where I could create anything I wanted to, as long as it was important to me. This is a painting of me and all the words I've been racially profiled as. Indigenous people for hundreds of years have not been heard and my message is that it's time we are apprehended. The Cree syllabic across my chest read "hear us when we speak".

Reconciliation (2020) oil on canvas, 16” x 12”

In this piece the indigenous community is represented by the butterfly as they are determined to fly away from Canadas colonial oppression. The snakes resemble colonizers. Both creatures are lifting each other as reconciliation is all about teamwork and balance between both parties. They aim to stay away from the red ground; red exhibits energy, war, danger and strength. Yellow- healing and happiness. Orange determination and encouragement. Light blue - the on-going sadness. Inspired by the artist Norval Morriseau.

Mind and Space (2022), wool

My inspiration behind this piece was the connection between mind and space. It's about an individual's beliefs and what they choose to believe in an unknown universe. Some people depend on Creator or a higher power and some belief in existentialism. This idea was shown through the stars portrayed as the universe and the garment being a hat, an item that is closest to the mind.

The Cellist (2019), acrylic on canvas, 10” x 10”

The piece was based off the novel, The Cellist of Sarajevo, by Steven Galloway. The cellist played in the streets in the midst of a war and it kept citizens optimistic. The meaning behind this piece is a snow globe resembles ones utopianism. The base of the snow globe was the music he played which inevitably kept the surrounding people hopeful in hopes to see what they'd been dreaming about creating a stronger bond to be able to retaliate.

Learning From Aunty (2021), wool

My relationship with my auntie is extremely important to me because she taught me the thing I love to do the most knitting. My connection and relationship to my aunt, and spending time with my loved ones not only connected me to family but grew my passion for art, knitting, and starting my own fashion designs. My goal is to attend design school and continue to be an Indigenous designer and entrepreneur.