Writing Competitions

Call for submissions 2021

We are pleased to open the competition for Arts & Humanities in Healthcare awards for

  • Best short story
  • Best poem

written by a Cumming School of Medicine continuing undergraduate medical student.

Deadline 2021 September 3.


The story is to be an original narrative of 1500 words or less.

The poem is to be an original work no longer than one double-spaced page.


Your story or poem is to be a response to a phrase often heard this year,

    “After the pandemic we will do things differently”


The awards are independent so each can be won by different students or both by one.

Each winner will

  • Receive $100.
  • Have their poem published in The Longview and on the Calgary Health Humanities website.
  • Have the opportunity to perform their work.

Submissions will be judged anonymously by a committee of three with expertise in healthcare and literature.

Please submit two copies in MS Word to rosenal@ucalgary.ca. 

To allow anonymous judging, one copy should have no personal identifying information and the other should include your name, email address, phone number & year of anticipated graduation.

Purpose: This award was created to encourage and celebrate creative writing by medical students that explores the illness experience from the perspective of the sufferer and/or the caregiver. It is meant to inspire self-reflection and a deeper and broader understanding of illness and healthcare by both the writer and the reader.


Short Story