Med 440 Self-Directed Elective


Do you want to?

  • Explore an area of medicine deeply working with a health humanities preceptor using humanities tools?
  • Learn about patient-centred perception using narrative analysis?
  • Develop the skills to create films or digital narratives to explore indigenous experience?
  • Understand how to use theatre to benefit the relationship between family physician and specialist?
  • Do you wonder how you can link patient values with what you have learned from a randomized controlled trial?
  • Perform publishable research into an area like those above?  Note that this a research option requires more lead time to receive Ethics approval.

These are just some skills and knowledge you can acquire in the Med 440 health humanities elective.


  • ☐    30 hour clinical experience
  • ☒   30 hour directed study
  • ☐    60 hour research

 DURATION:  30 hours (Block 1 (Aug 8 – Oct10), Block 2 (Oct 17 – Dec12)



  • ☒     Students can find their own preceptor
  • ☒     Students may contact the department contact listed below

CONTACT:         We are keen to help students find the best preceptor to match their interest

  • Tom Rosenal MD
  • Site: HSC
  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: 403-681-1248

Examples of Past Electives

  • Weathering the Storm: How Narrative Medicine Can Preserve Empathy in Medical Students
  • An Exploration of Vogue’s Narrative: Themes and the Body Mass Index of Cover Models as they Relate to Patient Reality
  • Photos and essays highlighting how the social determinants influence health in Nepal   
  • LGBTQ Curriculum at the University of Calgary Medical School
  • Cyberbullying Physicians and the Impact on Empathy
  • What does the use of HeLa cells as described in Rebecca Skloot’s book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks tell us about the ethics of molecular biology?
  • An auto-ethnographic investigation of the medical students’ disease
  • Physician discomfort with discussing religion and spirituality: What do patients want?