Email signatures

Using a UCalgary email signature presents a unified, professional appearance and makes it easy for others to contact you and recognize our brand.

Faculty and staff

This signature template is recommended for all faculty and staff. The information here conveys your association to UCalgary and only specified fonts, font sizes and colours should be used.

Example of a full-length email signature. Many elements are optional and customizable; download the template document for full details.

Template instructions

  1. Download the email signature template document.
  2. Compose a new email in your email client.
  3. Copy & paste either the generic full-length or shortened email signature template into the new email. 
  4. Add your contact information. Note the document provides specific instructions on maintaining the formatting.
  5. Copy & paste your customized information into your email Signature Settings and save.


  • Do not add extra icons or logos; images can come across as attachments and appear chaotic
  • Personal quotes or philosophical statements should not be included as part of your signature


There are no guidelines for student signatures. We recommend a simple, easy-to-read signature that includes your full name, email, and phone number. 

Please note the UCalgary logo is reserved for official institutional use and should not be added to student signatures. View our student resources for more info.