UCalgary gold brand pattern

Individual identities

Within the UCalgary brand and under the main visual identity, there are treatments that exist with a specific purpose and cohesive design system. Find out more about them below.

Creating distinction within consistency

A brand's visual identity is a critical element in establishing recognition and creating a connection with our audience. However, designing and executing this identity is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Depending on the initiative and scope, there can be different executions of designs under the overarching master brand and identity. Each treatment needs to maintain consistency with UCalgary's core values, personality, and visuals while adapting to the unique needs and objectives of the task. These are ways that we can maintain visual consistency while still allowing for diversity and flexibility within our identity.

Some considerations when determining if a separate identity is valuable:


What type of exposure will this initiative have and how will it be supported to ensure it has the regular visibility needed to build equity? 


Who will see it? Internal or external audiences? Are these people going to benefit from seeing something unique or will it dilute our main brand identity?


Is the message being communicated distinct enough to be considered unique from our institution? Is there value in being separate or more aligned?


Is UCalgary the driving force behind this initiative? Or are there external partners and stakeholders that are required to be represented here in an equal or leading way?

Identities within the UCalgary brand

"Start something" brand campaign

All faculties, units, and initiatives are welcome to incorporate the Start something elements when your project is representing or speaking to the spirit of entrepreneurial thinking.

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Alumni visual identity

UCalgary Alumni fosters lifelong connections between the university and an inclusive alumni community of entrepreneurial thinkers, leaders and innovators.

Learn about the Alumni visual identity

Convocation visual identity

Convocation is an important milestone for our campus community, and a cohesive look elevates and celebrates the occasion.

Learn about the convocation visual identity

Unique identifiers

Used in combination with the UCalgary logo, unique identifiers are a visual concept that relates to a group’s activities, values and goals.

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Dinos and UC interlock

The Dinos are athletics teams that represent UCalgary. They symbolise the power, performance and fierce spirit of our university. 

Learn about Dinos identity


We're one university family with a primary brand and several sub-brands, including Centres and Institutes, Dinos, Eyes High, and the Olympic Oval.

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Additional resources

Partnerships and affiliations

We value our our community partnerships and show our support in many ways – it's important to identify our connection clearly.

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