Convocation visual identity

Convocation is an important milestone for students, and our UCalgary community celebrates this moment each spring and fall. A cohesive look helps identify, elevate and celebrate the occasion.

UCalgary convocation program cover and pages.

When to use convocation visual elements

Faculties and units are welcome to incorporate the convocation visual elements when promoting and celebrating convocation or related events. The convocation elements should be used with purpose, and should always fit into the overall UCalgary brand.

Convocation visual elements should not be used on any materials that are not connected to convocation. This is especially important when using the metallic gold colour — this should only be used for convocation.

Want to know if your project should use these visual elements? Please contact us.


UCalgary red and gold
To reinforce the connection to the university, UCalgary’s primary brand colours of red and gold should be prominently featured in all convocation materials. Red should be used for pre- and day-of-event materials, while gold should be used for day-of- and post-event materials. 

Metallic gold
A metallic gold has been introduced to convocation to help celebrate the important occasion. Metallic gold should be used sparingly and for emphasis. 

The metallic gold should not be used for any UCalgary materials outside of convocation.

UCalgary brand red swatch
UCalgary gold swatch
UCalgary convocation metallic gold swatch

Minimalist UCalgary illustrations

The convocation visual identity also features illustrations that represent UCalgary and graduates. These minimalist illustrations feature UCalgary landmarks, student life, graduation and celebration items, and UCalgary branding marks. They're available in red and gold.

A library of illustration is available for use. The illustrations can be used at different sizes, but please refrain from any other alterations, like changing the colour or adding elements. Please contact us for access to the illustrations, of if you have suggestions for additional iIllustrations.

Example of a UCalgary landmark illustration

UCalgary landmark illustration

Example of a graduation illustration

UCalgary graduation illustration

UCalgary logo example

UCalgary brand marks

UCalgary student life illustration example

UCalgary student life illustration


Images of past graduates can help convey the joy of convocation, and bring a human element to event communications. Photos of the President, Chancellor and UCalgary campus can also be used where appropriate. The images can be used either in full colour, or with a gold overlay. 

Photos from convocation ceremonies are uploaded on the UCalgary photo DAM each spring and fall, and use of recent photos is encouraged. Visit the imagery page for more information about the photo DAM and how to access it.

Full colour image of graduates
Gold overlay photograph of a UCalgary graduate.

Metallic gold UCalgary logo tab

To elevate the event, metallic gold UCalgary logo tabs have been created specifically for convocation. The logo tabs should be used on any convocation materials that require a UCalgary logo. The metallic gold UCalgary logo tab can not be used on any materials outside of convocation materials.

Gold convocation logo tab

Templates and assets

The following templates can help promote convocation. For individual design assets, or for other convocation communication assets, please contact us.

Social Media

Digital Signs



  • Preview and download convocation outro bumpers, transitions and lower thirds templates here
Convocation Social Media Post
Pull-up banner with convocation design.