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Demonstrative Image of the Effects of Tone Mapping

Mengchen Lin

The I2Sense lab is renowned for its world-class research. Learn more about our research areas in Analog Digital Design, Biomedical Applications, Contact CMOS Imager Based Systems, Silicon Photonics, and Wireless Sensor Networks. 


Analog / Digital Design

Biomedical Image

The design of CMOS image sensors appropriate for High and Low Light imagining is an area of significant research for us. We have also performed work in other areas of sensor design, applying our expertise to other areas of sensor design.

Biomedical Applications

Droplet of B0200

Using advanced CMOS Image Sensors, we have designed, fabricated, and tested miniature high-quality detection systems, applicable in various Biomedical applications.

Research Topics

A bench-top gluten detection device is currently under design. This device should be capable of carrying out the interaction between the bio-probe and the food samples to undergo fluorogenic detection via micro-optical filters over the CMOS imager.

Tone Mapping

Tone Mapping Demo

Tone mapping allows proper handling of Wide dynamic range data. 

Research Topics

FPGA and ASIC implementations of tone mapping algorithms for Wide Dynamic Range images and videos

Contact CMOS Imager Based System

Contact CMOS Imager Based System

A contact-based CMOS Image system for detection applications.

Wireless Sensor Networks

Development of Wireless Sensor Networks