Post Secondary Transfer Credits

When you transfer to an undergraduate program at UCalgary you will automatically receive transfer credit as indicated in our Transfer Credit Search Tool.

In addition, courses taken at an accredited university in Canada or the United States that are not included in the Transfer Credit Search Tool will automatically be granted generic credit.

Please note that being granted transfer credit does not guarantee the credit will be applied toward your degree program.

If a course is not available in the Transfer Credit Search Tool and is required for admission, you will be required to upload course outlines as part of the admission process.

After you accept your offer of admission, your Transfer Credit Report will be available in your Student Centre.

Review your Academic Requirements Report to understand which transfer credits can be used in your degree program.

If you have questions about how your transfer credit is being used toward your degree requirements, please connect with your Faculty Advisors.

After you accept your offer of admission, you can request a transfer credit assessment for any course that has not yet been assessed. Courses have not been assessed if:

  • They are noted as “no rule” in your Transfer Credit Report
  • They are in the Transfer Credit Search Tool with a ‘completed between’ end year of 2050

Transfer credit assessments are requested by submitting detailed course outlines to the appropriate department or faculty advising office. Your Faculty Advisors can assist in determining whether a transfer credit assessment would be helpful for you, and can support you with this process.

When submitting detailed course outlines, ensure the following information is included:

  • Institution, faculty, department or school name and contact information
  • detailed list of topics covered,
  • list of textbooks used,
  • grading/assessment practices,
  • number of weeks of attendance (excluding examination period) and
  • number of lecture, laboratory and tutorial hours per week.

Calendar descriptions are not acceptable. The outline provided to the student by the instructor at the beginning of the course is usually sufficient. Alternatively, outlines may somtimes be obtained from the department offering the course.

Please note that transfer credit assessments may take 4-6 weeks or longer and may not result in changes to transfer credit granted.

If you would like to contest the transfer credit you have been granted, you can submit a Transfer Credit Appeal to have a course re-assessed.

Completed academic diploma programs from accredited post-secondary institutions may receive 30 units of junior generic credit or a combination of individually transferable courses and junior generic credit to a maximum of 30 units.

Program Specific Approved Diplomas:

Some programs may have specific transfer agreements where an approved diploma is required for admission and eligible for greater than 30 units of junior transfer credit.

Students coming to UCalgary through Open Studies as a degree holder, non-degree holder, visiting student or through our Indigenous Student Access Program (ISAP) are not granted transfer credit automatically. If certain courses are required for pre-requisite purposes, students can see if their courses are eligible for specific credit by using the Transfer Credit Search Tool. If courses are eligible for specific credit that would meet pre-requisite requirements for registration in UCalgary courses, students can connect with Enrolment Services. If courses are not eligible for specific credit students can connect with Exploratory Advisors in the Student Success Centre for assistance.