Solar Panels

Examples of Assessment of Early Stage Energy Technologies


•The role of new PV technologies in the power system





•This research involves the development of a database for existing algae species and their performance under different operating conditions.

•This research focuses on forming an integral mathematical system for the economic and environmental evaluation of algal technology.

•The ultimate goal is to construct a model capable of simulating different pathways or processes of converting algae to multiple products and identify the financial strength and weakness of pathways.

•In this research a full techno-economic assessment (TEA) was performed for a lab-scale algae growth system designed as a means for CO2 mitigation and conversion to useful biproducts.



Zorz, J.,Richardson, W. D.L. Laventure, A., Haines, M., Cieplechowicz, E., Aslani, A., Vadlamani, A., Bergerson, J.A, Welch, G.C., Strous, M. (2020). Light Manipulation Using Organic Semiconducting Materials for Enhanced Photosynthesis. Available at SSRN: or


•This research studies the pathways to clean energy systems, and relevant technologies, by conducting life cycle assessments (LCA) and techno-economic assessments of forecasted energy system scenarios. The LCA tools used in this research include a sensitivity and probability analysis, technological development and learning rates, and various what-if analyses to demonstrate both realistic and more extreme cases.

•In this research LCA is applied to evaluate the impact of 3rd generation perovskite-based solar cells, and an ambitious photovoltaic deployment scenario, on meeting Alberta’s 30% renewable energy by 2030 target.

•Additional questions on the impacts of carbon capture, energy storage and transmission, and alternative renewable energy technologies are evaluated in this research to understand more about the tradeoffs in Alberta’s energy transition.