About Us

Maximizing energy production while keeping the climate and costs in mind through new technologies requires a deeper understanding of life cycle assessment and systems modeling. That is what we intend to do, by providing more “bang for your buck” when it comes to making better and more informed decisions about how we use and develop energy. Our primary research interests are systems-level analysis for policy and decision making of energy system investment and management. The focus of our work is developing tools and frameworks for the assessment of prospective technology options and their policy implications from a life cycle perspective. To date, our work has addressed fossil fuel-derived electricity, oil sands development, carbon capture and storage, energy systems for low carbon communities, renewable energy, and energy storage technologies. Project researchers on our team work with scientists, engineers, and members of the business community who are developing new energy technologies, to develop and refine techniques for prospective life cycle assessment. These techniques help prioritize research and development activities, by identifying technologies – or optimal combinations of technologies – that would provide particularly large life cycle benefits.

What We Do