2020 Award Recipients

Student Leadership for 2020. This award was established in 2008 to recognize exceptional students who have a record of academic achievement, consistently demonstrate leadership, and make significant contributions to our community. 

Linhui Yu, President's Award 2020

Linhui Yu: Doctor of Philosophy, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Linhui Yu is an innovative thinker, researcher and volunteer. Her graduate research focused on building optoelectronic systems to quantify vascular brain activity, which can potentially allow scientists new insight into blood flow in the brain and its relationship with normal and diseased states. Her work has appeared in international peer-reviewed conferences and journals.

Yu actively seeks opportunities to help others. She has been involved with the Calgary Optics and Photonics Student Society, where she invited five international speakers to give lectures at UCalgary including a member of the Nobel Prize committee. As the initiator and outreach lead for STEM outreach on optics and photonics, she developed presentation and hands-on demonstration material for more than 700 Grade 4 and 5 students in rural communities.

As the president of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Students Association, she hosted a variety of workshops and research seminars. With SPIE (International Society of Optics and Photonics) she served as a workshop facilitator at international student leadership conferences and is currently a member of the society’s education committee.

Yu is now a research fellow at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, conducting translational research of biomedical imaging systems.

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