Scheduling Guidelines

Scheduling Guidelines have been determined based upon the Instructional Scheduling and Space Utilization Policy, Standardized Meeting Patterns, and in consultation with academic units and senior University of Calgary staff. The guidelines are intended to ensure consistent application of scheduling across campus and to reduce issues for student’s during registration.

The Calendar and Scheduling SharePoint (for submissions and requests) may be found at:

As there are many aspects of scheduling to audit and ensure accuracy, we have created a Scheduling Checklist to help schedulers review and complete their schedule before their access closes. Schedulers are sent a copy of this checklist every year.

We hope that the guidelines will help facilitate submission processes and provide transparency with regards to approvals.

For those who are responsible for requesting exemptions to these guidelines, the following procedures apply:

  • Concurrently Offered courses: only submit new requests
  • Topic Courses: Only submit new requests
  • Non-standard pattern: Submit all requests annually for review/approval
    • For non-standard programs, submit a single file on bulk.
  • Non-standard dates: submit all requests annually (except the faculties of Law, Vet Medicine, UME, and Education - unless making changes to the existing approved dates or for a request outside the usual)
  • Supplementary fees: submit all requests annually
  • Reserve capacities: submit all requests annually via one bulk submission including a spreadsheet attachment.
  • TBA courses: If your course does not meet the guidelines for “TBA” to be used, the request must be submitted annually. Calendar changes should be made to enable a course to fit the TBA guidelines.

Standardized Meeting Patterns

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