Types of Changes

Calendar changes generally fall into one of two types:

All changes to undergraduate courses must be approved by the Calendar and Curriculum Subcommittee (CCS). This includes the creation of new courses, or the termination or alteration of existing courses.

The Graduate Academic Program Subcommittee (GAPS) is responsible for approving changes to graduate-level courses. In the case of an undergraduate course cross-listed with a graduate course, CCS is the approving body.

  1. New Programs

    The creation or termination of any undergraduate degree program must be reviewed by the Academic Program Subcommittee (APS).

    For more information regarding types of degree programs, see Types of Degrees and Terminology.

  2. Changes to Existing Programs

    Substantive programs changes need to be approved by APS.  Substantive changes would be those that modify program completion requirements, such as a change in the number of required courses.

    If your proposed program changes are not considered substantive, they can be approved by the Calendar and Curriculum Subcommittee (CCS). 

    Please ensure that all changes are submitted with a rationale.