Dr. Julie Deleemans

Postdoctoral Fellow, Psychosocial Oncology


Postdoctoral Fellow - Psychosocial Oncology

Western University, 2016; University of Calgary, projected, 2021

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The Chemo-Gut Project - Explore


Supervisor: Dr. Linda E. Carlson

Dr. Deleemans holds a PhD in Medical Science specializing in psychosocial oncology and behavioural medicine from the University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine. She is also a patient advocate and stage IV laryngeal cancer survivor, diagnosed in 2006 at age 18. Presently she is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Calgary in the Department of Oncology. Dr. Deleemans’ primary research investigates the long-term impact of cancer treatments on the gut microbiota, gastrointestinal and psychosocial symptoms in survivors of cancer, and developing integrative behavioural and nutrition-based interventions to prevent and reduce these symptoms. Through her research and advocacy work, Dr. Deleemans is passionate about helping others affected by cancer. Outside the lab she can be found attending pole fitness or boxing classes, on the golf course, with friends, and snuggling with her sweet tripod rescue kitty, Calvin.


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Select awards from the last 3 years:

  1. Emmy Duff Foundation Scholarship (2020)
  2. Dean’s Doctoral Scholarship (2020)
  3. Dr. Murray Fraser Memorial Graduate Scholarship (2020)
  4. William H. Davies Medical Research Scholarship (2020)
  5. Daniel Family Foundation Graduate Scholarship in Cancer Research (2020)
  6. TRACTION Student Fellowship Award (2019 – 2020)
  7. Daniel Family Foundation Award for Excellence in Community Engagement, Impact, and Outreach (2019)
  8. Society for Integrative Oncology Patient Advocate Travel Award (2018)
  9. TRACTION Student Training Award (2018 – 2019)
  10. Alexa W. Church Graduate Scholarship in Medical Science (2018)
  11. Derek Wandzura Memorial Scholarship (2018)