Exercise at UFlourish mental health and wellness expo UCalgary

UFlourish, October 24 - November 4, 2022

Support your well-being through online and in-person workshops, events and activities. De-stress, make new connections and build positive coping skills.


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Would you like to follow-up with one of our organizers about an event, or do you have a general comment or question? Are you curious about programming an event, joining our planning committee or have a suggestion for next year? Get in touch over e-mail: uflourish@ucalgary.ca.

UFlourish re-watch

How diet influences mental health and resilience with Dr. Bonnie J. Kaplan

Improve mental health and resilience by understanding how nutrients impact our brains. With Dr. Bonnie J. Kaplan, PhD., professor emeritus, Cumming School of Medicine. 

I Am Not My Gremlin! Separating you from your inner critic with Dr. Easter Yassa

Watch a keynote lecture with registered psychologist Dr. Easter Yassa, PhD and learn skills in how to cope with your inner critic.

Events for UCalgary students, faculty and staff

Sustainability event

Individual and community well-being in the era of climate change

In this workshop, we will support each other in facing and processing our climate grief, share and practice using various climate grief tools to develop our personal grief toolkits and connect participants with additional community resources.


Move your body at UFlourish

werklund wellbeing walks ucalgary campus

Werklund well-being walks

Werklund, in partnership with the Campus Mental Health Strategy, is encouraging you to get out and walk to support your mental health during UFlourish. Ten markers have been set up across campus, each one sharing a unique wellbeing resource. Listen to a mindfulness podcast, read community stories of struggle and resilience, or complete a wellness self-check-in.

Take a movement break to learn about the different resources available for students, staff, and faculty at UCalgary - it only takes about 30 minutes to visit all ten markers. 

Can't get to campus or into a fitness class? Explore Libin Cardiovascular Institute's virtual fitness series, click here.

More resources to support your flourishing

image of ucalgary student

Hear community stories

Student, staff, faculty, and post-docs share stories of struggle and resilience during their experiences working, studying, and researching in post-secondary.

elder wisdom series video screengrab

Elder Wisdom Series

Dr. Reg Crowshoe, Piikani Elder, and UCalgary’s Elder in Residence shares his grandmother’s story about traditional knowledge, preventative health and how to use parallel paths of Indigenous and western medicine to promote a good way of life.

Suicide prevention trainings

Reach out trainings

Are you a member of our campus community who wants to help? Increase your knowledge in recognizing and responding to those experiencing thoughts of suicide, sign-up for our Reach Out trainings

Flourishing tips from the UCalgary community

We asked our community how they flourish during the academic year. Check out their tips. 

Wellness Series Webinars

From self-care and crisis response, to resilience, emotional wellness, and mindfulness. Watch past webinars from the Campus Mental Health Strategy.

Program an event for UFlourish 2023

Interested in hosting or programming an event this fall? Send us an e-mail and our organizers will help get you oriented.