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Program Evaluation Toolkit

Comprehensively evaluate the impact of your program with our step-by-step guide.

Stages of evaluation

Familiarize yourself with the five main stages of evaluation. When ready, download the full toolkit to begin your journey.


Understand why evaluation might be beneficial for your program and which method of evaluation will work for you.

Get started


Assess your team's capacity for evaluation, learn how to understand your program's goals, and create an evaluation plan and timeline.


Data collection

Whether survey, interview or focus group, learn how to collect your data, increase response rates and store information.


Data analysis

From organization to analysis, learn how to manage your data.


Using your findings

Share your findings with stakeholders and build on the success of your program using your evaluation results.


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Do what you do, only better

"The toolkit offers an opportunity to reflect on programs and the process behind them, while ensuring evaluators and managers have a greater sense of accountability.”

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For questions or concerns about the toolkit, contact Andrew Szeto, Director, Campus Mental Health Strategy.