To leverage the synergy of multidisciplinary design space provided by Mechatronics towards the realization of intelligent automation systems.


Our research mainly focuses on industrial automation with mechatronic systems satisfying high performance with low cost based on the knowledge of dynamics, vibration, control, optimization, and artificial intelligence. Application areas include machine tools, robots, additive manufacturing, and precision measurement. Our research is also finding applications in the pipeline and aerospace industries.


8. " A systematic approach to model an industrial robot" funded by KIMM, PI

7."Development of digital twin for robotic machining system for machining quality prediction" funded by KITECH, PI

6."Robotic automation for smart manufacturing processes" Funded by NSERC Alliance and GN Corporation, PI + additional funding by CASBE, PI

5. "AI-based Wearable Ultrasonic Sensor and Prognostic & Diagnostic Algorithm Development" funded by IITP, PI

4. "Next-generation cable-assisted robotic machining system" funded by CFI, PI

3."Smart robotic system for advanced manufacturing" funded by NSERC Alliance - Alberta Innovates, 2021.03 - 2023.03, PI

2. "A low-cost, effective Differential Multi-Ventilation system for use against COVID-19" funded by NSERC Alliance COVID-19, 2020.07 - 2022.06, PI

1. "A robotic metal hybrid additive and subtractive manufacturing system" funded by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Discovery Grant, 2020.04 - 2026.03, PI


1." Development of sensor elements and signal processing technology for smart cutting force measurement" funded by Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, 2019.06 - 2020.02, co-PI

2. "A Study on the low-cost smart sensor for manufacturing machines" funded by KIMM in Korea, PI

3. "Digital twin for mechatronics-based smart manufacturing" funded by Information & Communications Technology Planning & Evaluation in South Korea, 2020.06 - 2021.05, PI

4. "Low-cost and high-accuracy position tracking system to build an automation platform" funded by The University Research Grants Committee (URGC), 2020.05 - 2021.11, PI