1. Ph.D.: Mechatronics in Manufacturing 
  2. Ph.D.: Predictive maintenance 

The minimum requirements for those who wish to join our lab are as follows:

  • Strong theoretic background
    • Have completed dynamics, vibration and control courses with a grade of A- or above
  • Hands-on experience
    • Have built something with electro-mechanical devices
    • Machining skills
  • Simulation skills
    • Have learned MATLAB, C++, Labview, Python, etc


  • CV
  • Transcripts
  • English scores

Send me through email (


[2023.09] Omer received an Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship. 

[2023.09] Mr. Brett and Zhicong joined iARlab

[2023.07] Dr. Lee received the President Award and K-TAG award from the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies and Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology, respectively.

[2022.12] Dr. Lee achieved "MIT Innovators under 35 Korea Award"

[2022.09] Omer joined iAR Lab

[2022.08] Max Kim received an Outstanding Presentation Award at PRESM 2023

[2022.07] Dr. Lee received a "Young Researcher Award" at International Conference on Precision Engineering and Sustainable Manufacturing 2022

[2022.07] Dr. Lee achieved a KIMM grant as PI

[2022.07] Dr. Erfan joined iAR Lab

[2022.04] Jeff received MSc Research Excellence Scholarship

[2022.04] iAR Lab enjoyed hiking at Grassi Lake.

[2022.03]Dr. Lee received "2022 Schulich School of Engineering Early Research Excellence Award"

[2022.03] Anjali achieved NSERC USRA.

[2022.03] Dr. Lee achieved a KITECH grant as PI 

[2022.01] Anjali joined iAR Lab

[2021.11] Dr. Lee achieved a consulting project with Doosan Machine Tool Corporation, South Korea

[2021.10] Dr. Lee had an interview with CBC news. (

[2021.09] Dr. Lee achieved an NSERC Alliance grant as PI ( GN Corporation)

[2021.09] Ali joined iAR Lab.

[2021.07] COVID-19 Project was featured on CBC News. (

[2021.06] Mr. Changbai Tan received Eyes High Postdoctoral Matching-Funding.

[2021.05] Mr. Kim joined iAR Lab.

[2021.05] Mr. Shin joined iAR Lab.

[2021.04] Dr. Lee received an Anna Boyksen Fellowship at the TUM Institute for Advanced Study in Germany ( 

[2021.03] Dr. Lee achieved the John R. Evans Leaders project grant as PI

[2021.03] Dr. Lee achieved an NSERC Alliance - Alberta Innovates grant as PI.

[2021.01] KUKA robot is installed into iAR Lab.

[2021.01] Visiting students from UNIST and SKKU from South Korea joined iAR Lab. 

[2021.01] Ms. Kushalkar joined iAR Lab.

[2020.12] Dr. Lee achieved a "Remote Teaching Award 2020"

[2020.11] Zhanhao received a Department Entrance Award.

[2020.10] Dr.Lee achieved a fund for supporting a coop student.

[2020.09] Dr. Lee achieved a fund for researching sensors by KIMM as a PI.

[2020.09] Dr. Lee achieved an "Early Achievement Award" in Canada-Korea Conference on Science & Technology 2020 sponsored by the Association of Korean-Canadian Scientists and Engineers (AKCSE).

[2020.09] Mr. James joined iAR lab.

[2020.08] Mr. Weber joined iAR lab.

[2020.06] Dr. Lee achieved an NSERC Alliance COVID-19 grant.

[2020.05] Mr. Wang joined iAR lab.

[2020.05] Mr. Jin joined iAR lab.

[2020.05] Dr. Lee achieved a High-Potential Individuals Global Training Program grant from IITP in South Korea (PI).

[2020.04] Dr. Lee achieved a URGC grant for researching a VR-based position tracking system (PI).

[2020.04] Dr. Lee achieved a DG for researching a robotic metal hybrid additive and subtractive manufacturing system by NSERC (PI). 

[2020.02] Dr. Lee presented the final result of the smart-vise project at KIMM, South Korea.

[2020.02] Dr. Lee had a seminar at Yonsei University and KAIST, South Korea.

[2019.09] Dr. Lee was appointed as a South Alberta Local President in the Association of Korean-Canadian Scientists and Engineers.

[2019.09] Ebrahim joined iAR lab.

[2019.08] Dr. Lee attended 69th CIRP general assembly in Birmingham (UK).

[2019.08] Dr. Lee had a seminar at the University of Manchester, UK.

[2019.06] Dr. Lee achieved a fund for researching a smart-vise by KIMM as a co-PI.

[2019.06] Dr. Lee attended the Canadia-Korea Conference on Science and Technology as a program committee member.

[2019.06] Nick joined iAR Lab.

[2019.05] Dr. Lee attended a lecture " Dynamics of Machining: Prediction and Suppression of Undesired Vibrations" at the CISM in Italy

[2019.04] Dr. Lee presented a poster about Multiple TMD at the Virtual Machining Process Technology 2019 in Vancouver

[2019.03] Dr. Lee had a seminar at the Kyunghee University in South Korea

[2019.02] Dr. Lee joined at the University of Calgary