The objective of A-CAP, which is supported by the A-CATChY Foundation Grant, is to improve the diagnosis and prognosis of pediatric mTBI. The aim is to conduct a multi-site, prospective cohort study that will assess a broad pool of neurobiological and psychosocial markers, including some not yet studied in any large-scale study (e.g., genes; psychological resilience), and assess outcomes over 6 months post-injury. The cohort study will have a large sample (700 in the mTBI group and 300 in the orthopaedic injury group) to enable the analysis of complex interactions among diagnostic and prognostic markers. We hypothesize that this strategy will (1) identify mTBI with excellent sensitivity and specificity (i.e., differentiate it from orthopaedic injury) and (2) predict longitudinal outcomes of mTBI.

Funding: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Foundation Grant

Years: 2016-2019


Coordinator: Lisa Marie Langevin

Research Assistant: Heidi O'Brien

Data Analyst: Laurie Argourd