Life Design Workshops and Events

Life Design workshops and events give students the tools that they need to imagine and plan for their personal and professional futures. Programming is offered as a series of ongoing workshops and events, and is free and available for students throughout the academic year.

Welcome to Life Design at UCalgary. Please visit the following pages for information on student programming, booking the Life Design Hub for an event, or for more information about Life Design.

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Life Design workshop descriptions

A key component of Life Design at the University of Calgary is offering participatory workshops where students can engage with the content and each other. View the sample workshops below for examples of what is offered to students on campus.

How can you use design thinking to improve your life? Learn how to harness this practice to envision and work toward your personal, academic and career goals. In this workshop, you’ll be introduced to the design thinking process and its key concepts, then develop your skills through a number of hands-on activities.

What do the next five or ten years hold for you? Learn how life design can help you create plans for a fulfilling future. In this workshop, you’ll explore planning and prototyping methods to chart your vision for your future and answer the “what ifs”, then create an action plan to make it happen.

Have you ever wondered what career you might pursue after graduation? During this workshop, you will create your own career compass to help you navigate the next steps on your journey. You will also participate in a mini-career brainstorming session and learn about tools to help you explore your options.

Feeling “stuck” can mean many different things. You may feel paralyzed by decision-making, or that you don’t feel like you’re making progress. In this one-hour workshop, you’ll review concepts like the Paradox of Choice, “actionable” problems and the Cycle of Non-Regret. Then, you’ll learn how to re-frame problems, brainstorm solutions, and feel empowered to take action.